Are you single, dating, and boy (man) addicted? If you answered “yes” – Hi, my name is Leslie H.


Here I sit, in my introduction to blogging class at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY pondering my addiction to boys and why I decided to blog about it. I currently have written 3 chapters in my book on my chosen topic of “boy” addiction. My hope for this blog is to generate interest and truth telling on this topic. Ironically, as I sit inside this Center, I realize that my 14 mile run from my home takes me right by this location and yet I never knew I would come here for a blogging class. Thanks to a woman at my church and my discussion of my writing a book, here I sit. No coincidences!

Running has become a central part of my life for many reasons including fitness, health, weight maintenance and soul searching. But I have discovered while running with amazing and powerful women and discussing my dating life with them, THEY LOVE MY STORIES. I think my running partners gravitate toward me for my willingness to share turthfully. And the bottom line is they seem to love my dating stories. If nothing else, they are so entertaining. All kinds of crazy stories I am willing to share because all good addicts know “we are only as sick as our secrets” – so bring on the truth and the healing!

And on another note, I am choosing “boy” addiction over “man” addiction because a very close friend of mine has pointed out to me that I have never dated a “man” but only “boys”. Since I cannot argue with her, I have embraced the term “boy” to define my addiction.

And finally, if you are a member of the opposite sex and you are still reading this – WELCOME! If you have not disappeared by now I dare to say you are a “man” and you stand to learn much from the truth telling I hope to provide on this blog. So stay tuned….Let the dating games begin…

Feel free to share any stories you may have too – your thoughts and ideas on boy addiction will inspire my sharing… Really hope to hear from you…

As a start, tell me about the most unusual date you ever had…In my next post, I plan to tell you mine! I promise it to be VERY ENTERTAINING…


4 thoughts on “Are you single, dating, and boy (man) addicted? If you answered “yes” – Hi, my name is Leslie H.

  1. Chris

    I bet my dating stories could rival yours!!! Hospital ER visits… Ambulance rides… men drunk from the night before… near death ski incidents…


    I once had a Blind date & the guy turned out to be a French; Gay. Midget { 5’1″)~[?¿?)~With REALLY BAD Breath ~!!!~…LoL…It was a Nightmare at the time but now it is a Hilarious Story ~ !!!~…

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