Why I insist on my local coffee shop for internet dating first meet up


Hi again.  A week has gone by and enough time to think about my next topic – I have become a strict advocate for the “first time internet meet up” at my local favorite coffee shop.  Without risking promoting a particular company I will say that I visit my local very popular coffee shop daily as they have a drive through window (the only one of its kind in my local county) and I love them SO MUCH I often refer to them as my “drive through drug dealer” as I love my coffee (a little too much), but I will not digress as my blogging is about “boy addiction” and not “coffee addiction” although I am quite certain I can write an entire book on my coffee addiction too…

So I often get asked “why coffee” for my first internet dates.  Since I have so much experience on first date meet ups, I am TOTALLY clear as to why meeting for coffee for a first internet date is an absolute necessity for a woman – so BOYS and  MEN who read this – take note:

1.  NOTHING good ever comes out of first meet ups involving alcohol.  Women – a little alcohol in your system and come on…admit it…you let your guard down.  Boys and men know this.  Boys take advantage of this while men respect this.  BUT you  have no idea who you are meeting and letting your guard down with a stranger only leads to “stranger danger” -trust me – your parents will agree and will be happy that I am promoting your safety.  Please allow me to give you a few examples.  Example A:  read my previous blog – I let my guard down with wine on my lonely Memorial Day weekend and met that crazy SUBMISSIVE!  Several of you have asked me why I didn’t walk out of that date right away – blame it on the wine.  Feeling loose and silly, I kept the convo. going…   Example B:  I once met a guy at a lovely place with a fire and LOADS of romantic atmosphere (dark with mood music) and after a glass of wine (he rudely had 2 and allowed me to sit there with my empty glass and never offered a 2nd) – when we got out into the parking  lot at the end of his 2 drinks, he went in for a make out!!!  A MAKE OUT ON A FIRST MEET UP – GROSS!!!!  – needless to say that was the first and the last date for him.

2.  Coffee is perfect for the boy/man and the woman !  Boys/men, please thank me on this point.  You get to an expensive place, pay $14 per glass of wine in most nice bars in this county, and you know as soon as you meet her this is a one time meet up.  I JUST SAVED YOU A LOT OF $ by insisting on coffee!!!!   You know if you offer an appetizer at the expensive bar, most women with always eat and spend your $.  Women – you don’t really want him spending a lot of dough on you if you don’t ever want to see him again.  Most of you will feel guilty – most of you, although I realize not all.

3.  AN HOUR IS PERFECT!  I always say a cup of coffee date takes an hour.  Women, how often are you on a first meet up and want to escape.  You want your girlfriend to call you and get you out of there on an emergency.  By declaring an hour over a cup of coffee means you can “suck up” an hour with someone.  I must admit, with some of the boy/men I’ve met internet dating even an hour feels like torture, but I am acutely aware that an hour is survivable so I sit tight and smile knowing the end is in sight.

The good news is that if you choose a coffee place and insist on an hour, if you actually hit it off and he wants to take you to dinner and you are digging him, you can say YES!  Best to plan your 1 hour coffee meet ups around 5 or 6 because that free dinner may be in sight…

Enough said …thanks for reading…more to come next week while I’m busy  writing me “tell all” book”:  Tales of a Boy Addict.


6 thoughts on “Why I insist on my local coffee shop for internet dating first meet up

  1. Charlotte

    Even when it’s outside your comfort zone, you remain composed and even gracious. I bet you tweaked your profile a little after THAT date!

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