Internet dating: NEVER take it personally…


Hi again.  Taking a moment to write about what it is like to date the boy/man that you REALLY like and he either:  1.  doesn’t call after your first date with him  2.  grants you a second date and vanishes after this date  3.  grants you a third date or more, seems super into you and then vanishes….  All of these scenarios must lead to the same conclusion:  DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY!

I have MUCH experience in this department and what I have learned is that boy/men are extremely transparent.  It boils down to what you see is what you get.  As women, we have the tendency to over think, read into, analyze and get “hyper” emotional in our dating boy/men.    I KNOW BECAUSE I DO ALL OF ABOVE.  This is why my distance running is so attractive to me.  I run long distances with other women who are so willing and patient with me when I discuss my dating.  These wonderful women allow me to “vent” about boy/men vanishing.  After venting, I come up with same conclusion every time:  BOY/MEN VANISHING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME – IT IS DATING!

I have always been told “when you meet the right one you will know”…I AM A BELIEVER.  So until this glorious  “one fine date”, it is all about dating.  Meeting people, not meeting the “one”, dating many, not meeting the “ones”.  I have always said “if the right one were easy to find, he wouldn’t be the right one”.  BELIEVE IT!

And have fun with your dating.  Years ago, my friend’s brother said “Leslie, it’s a numbers game” – SO YES, still know that God will provide me with what I need until I’m ready to cash in on the “big win” in this numbers game.  The unconditional love from my family and friends directly leads me to “carry on”.

“The race is not always to the swift but to those who keep on running” – so if you have a few dates with that PERFECT “boy/man” and if you feel he is “the one” and then he vanishes try not to feel the hurt for too long.  It does hurt.  Vent to your girlfriends for healing. It is OK!  He is not the one! Just pull up those boot straps and keep on dating…You need to be “in it to win it”.

Enough said – Happy Presidents’ Day – just had a lovely 6 mile run with a spiritual friend who inspired me to write…


2 thoughts on “Internet dating: NEVER take it personally…

  1. Lisa

    Why is finding a normal and decent man so hard? There are so many dishonest and weird men out there! I would love to find a man like my dad!

    • Lisa, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND the great Dad as I am blessed with one too! We are fortunate enough to know men like them do exist…keep dating! “Bright lights attract moths and flies” – our day will come!!!

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