Don’t date the road rager…


go bat mobile

Happy Sunday…I can tell  you all like my stories since the stats for my “most interesting date” story spiked way up on the day I posted that one…OH HOW FUN IT IS to peek into someone’s dating life.   The byproduct is always a great lesson, so here is today’s:

He was a Republican/Conservative and a lawyer.  Not necessarily a great match for this Liberal/Democrat free spirit, but he caught my vibe quickly on that first coffee date and seemed to accept me.  We had a couple of dates and just when I was about the give him the “we are not a match” speech he called and said “Leslie, I’m going to invite you someplace you would never expect me to invite you.  You see, my friend has a “Bat Mobile” and is planning to drive in the NY City Village Halloween Parade and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me?  The only catch is that I need you to provide a costume for you and for me?”  Well, the Village Parade, for those of you who know NY City, is virtually impossible to view unless  you get there awfully early.  It is a HUGELY popular event and very fun and I had never had the opportunity to be an “up close” spectator despite my trying over several years.   So without too much thought, I responded “YES!”.  Costumes weren’t too hard to find (its not what you know, but who you know).  A gal at my job happened to have a “Wonder Woman” and another friend had a giant “Dopey” costume (from the famous childrens’ story “The Seven Dwarfs”) – this boy was a really big boy (about 6 foot 3 and 250), but it fit him perfectly (although people along the parade route thought he was Santa!).  I am so happy I have great friends willing to let me borrow…

In terms of the “date plan”, we were supposed to be at the Parade by 5:00.  He didn’t pick me up until 5:00 (he had to go to his gym first) – already lateness is never a good sign, but I donned Wonder Woman (see picture) and off we went.  This is where road rage instantly became apparent.  He was on the tail of every car we approached along the Saw Mill Parkway, flashing his headlights at the cars in front of us and cursing up a storm.  I was so shocked that I was contemplating taking the train for the return trip home.  Once we got to the City, he had to drive all over to find street parking (couldn’t park in a garage, Mr. “Cheap” Lawyer) making us very late for the parade.  Then, as we ran through the City streets, he was pushing people and cursing and behaving very aggressively.  I was horrified.

We did finally make it to the Bat Mobile which was already half way though the Parade route. I’m pleased to report that I happily participated in the Parade – see the picture.  His friends LOVED me in my Wonder Woman outfit and were so nice to me, they told me to “get in” their Bat Mobile while Mr. “Road Rager” got stuck walking.  He also go stuck hearing from the crowd “Hi Santa!” – it was so funny that Dopey really did look like Santa.  I had the time of my life.  Waving to the crowd, laughing with his friends, getting onto NY1 news 🙂

Sadly, I did decide to ride home with him and his road rage was even worse!  Needless to say, I thanked him for a great time and never saw him again.  The lesson learned for all of you “daters” is:  NEVER DATE A ROAD RAGER.  I must confess I tried out a longer relationship with one too and IT NEVER WORKS.  Road rage behaviors speak volumes about a boy/man’s character…trust me on this one – BE DONE!  But always have fun dating (see the picture)  Thanks for listening…


2 thoughts on “Don’t date the road rager…

  1. Carla

    Wow, so many red flags here Les. Starting with being late for such an important event (you just don’t F around when it comes to Halloween plans) and then driving like a crazy person because of his own tardiness. How inconsiderate to you as his passenger. That being said, getting to be in the Village parade is priceless!!! I would have to say it was totally worth it in the end. It’s a good thing you ditched that big, angry dwarf! Just glad you survived to tell the story and post that awesome pic!!

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