Boy addiction comes with positive transferable skills…



“Sunday Fun Day” and time to blog.  As I sit in my best friend’s apartment overlooking the gorgeous field and blue sky out her window, I contemplate the good side of boy addiction….

I just explained to her that when I worked for the Career Office in college we spoke of “transferable skills” for resume writing.  For example, if you are a strong communicator, get that on your resume.  Your verbal prowess will be a transferable skill in your professional life, so write this down.

Now that I am a self-proclaimed “boy addict”, I need to “own” the positive aspects of my addiction and point them out, as I’m sure this will help those reading…so here goes:

1.  I have incredible ability to commit and stick too what I am seeking.  Boys….those of you with whom I have had relationships in my past,  know that I am a very determined and committed woman.  I will drive miles and miles, take care of you and your children, sacrifice my time and my sleep, get all into your life and try to help to the point of “saving” you.  In fact, I am certain that after I ended my past relationships, all of the boys that I have been in relationship with have gotten better lives as a result of having me in their lives.  FACT!  SO, for Leslie, I have learned to transfer this ability to “commit and stick too” to my running addiction.  I am up and out of bed most mornings at 5:30 a.m. as I am committed to my training for marathons (one coming at the end of April).  I am committed to caring for my elderly and frail clients at my job – they come first at work and I am able to positively impact lives every day.  A blessing!  I am committed to my friends and try every day to give to them (but always fear they give way more to me – and my family) – WHAT A BLESSING!

2.  I love a routine.  I have stayed with boys way too long knowing I wasn’t getting my needs met because routine is SO important to me.  The older I get, the more I value the importance of the routine.  The healthy routine for me is working…good food, good sleep, good communication, good prayers, etc.  Thank goodness I have learned to make time for this more with no boy/men relationships in my  life.  The challenge will be to continue with the same diligence should God present me with my man.

3.  I love to date.  Like I’ve shared, I do want to meet a man.  So I am dating.  But, dating is what it is.  A numbers game.  I am having fun not being in a relationship.  I am transferring my “boy addiction” into short spurts of letting boys know “this is not good for me” and “your drama is not my drama” and I keep it moving.


I am so proud of my transferable skills.   Calling all boy addicts…hope you are proud too.  Please share if you like and have a GREAT day.  Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Boy addiction comes with positive transferable skills…

  1. Dave

    You were a talented peer career counselor, and are smart, personable and attractive, A “boy” would be lucky to be with you!

  2. Scarlette O'hara

    Super good entry for your blog! You know yourself so well. Recognizing your transferable skills… from running to and from guys to running marathons… And you’re keeping your readers entertained.

  3. Mike

    Boys do not deserve to be with you. You can do better les. I am glad to see you are starting to get over your co-dependency on boys and are putting more time into yourself. I too have been a “caregiver” over the years and have made the discovery that looking out for number one is not a selfish act, but is in fact essential to lead a happy and productive life.

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