No photo, no date…


Happy Sunday…I did a 20 miler yesterday and have a sore hip (in preparation for my NJ full marathon in 2 weeks) so I decided to keep today’s blog very brief and to the point. (a friend of mine who blogs, said “brief is good”)

So here goes….calling all boy addicts who internet date…If the boy has no photo posted DO NOT ENGAGE HIM! NOTHING. He’s got something to hide…most likely he’s married.

My favorite story is the ONE time I answered a “no photo boy” and of course asked him to send a picture, I got a picture of his arm around his son with his wedding band still on! Not sure why, but I gave him a “heads up”, informing him that next time he should remove that “band” before sending a photo to a woman on the net. Looking back, he really didn’t deserve this advice.

Women, if you are dating on the net and you are public about it with your photo and your profile exposed for all boy/men to view, don’t go for the one who is “in hiding”. And even with public photos, there are MANY in “hiding”…why start off on the “wrong foot”? Nough said…

Thanks for reading and enjoy this warmth…FINALLY a glorious day…get off the net and enjoy the sun!


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