The boy who didn’t want just coffee….


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Happy Sunday and Happy Easter. This is a powerful day in the lives of Christians for it is a reminder that a “man” (and yes, Jesus was a real “man”) died out of unconditional love to save all souls and set the most powerful example that will ever be…

But today’s blog is “about a boy”. This past week I met yet another “boy”. You see, after a first or second date it becomes very apparent with a “boy” when he is not interested in a cup of coffee. YES, you now catch my drift. I am talking about the boy who wants “only one thing”…

Now certainly there is nothing wrong with “one thing” and as a relationship grows there is a time and a place for “one thing”, but dating in mid-life, as strong and smart women, I think we can all agree we want to be known for our minds and hearts before we even think about that “one thing”.

I met him on the “net” and was most excited as he was a published author and I felt I could “pick his brain” about the world of writing. But I could quickly tell that his interest was not in my brain. How can we tell women?

1. He is looking more at my body than listening to my words. I noticed a lack of interest in my conversation and an intense visual “groping” at the rest of me.

2. He makes references to the “one thing” a little too much during our conversation.

3. He asks very little questions about me, who I am, what I am about. The conversation continuously goes to “all about him”.

4. He “pounces” for physicality at the end of the date.

My advice…If you think he is emotionally stable enough, give him a little encouragement and then send him packing at the end of the date. Don’t toy with someone you think is too unstable…Just get out (family or friend emergency can get you out of there fast). Remind him you could be his sister or his mother and that you would want a man to treat women he cares about with respect. Honestly, I get so angry toward boys who behave this way on early dates, but I understand that the “net” is a breeding ground for these types.

My final words to this boy, right before he got out of my car (frustrated, I’m proud to say) was “slow and steady wins the race”.

Back to resting my piraformis. NJ full in one week.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed holy day! HE LIVES!!!!


3 thoughts on “The boy who didn’t want just coffee….

  1. Here’s my unsolicited advice to all (including myself) — you are still projecting your energy outwards like the answers are: the person or the situation is “out there”. Its not. It never is. Use your ALONE and undistracted downtime (when running, driving etc) to fantasize about what you truly want. And indulge the fantasy, embellish them, think of the CHARACTER of the person you want and enjoy these thoughts and make THAT your addiction. Believe these fantasies. Because they WILL come true, you will attract it and not have to look that hard to find it. He’ll show up at a surprising moment or maybe when you’re on a date you had no expectations about.

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