Why running marathons better than dating…



Happy Sunday. I had the joy of running the NJ full marathon today with my roommate who beat me by an hour. But I broke 5 hours and it has been awhile since I have done this, so I’m pleased. And tired. But I am making sure to write this blog tonight before I “crash”. It is Sunday. I have made this commitment.

And since marathons inspire me, I thought today’s topic very appropriate for the day.
You see, the first time I crossed that finish line at the NY City Marathon in 2010, I quickly realized that this was an accomplishment and celebration of me and HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH A BOY. I got across that finish line on my own and am now happy to say I have crossed nine and plan to keep on running…

Why? Because running a marathon is so much more gratifying than dating for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dating to the best of my ability and keeping a positive spirit. But its so hard and SO EMOTIONAL at the end of they day. There are the boys you like, who don’t like you. There are the boys who like you, who you don’t like. There are the “quick to want to jump into bed boys”, the “down low” gay boys, the “cheap boys”, the mentally unstable boys, the emotionally numb boys, the “mommy complex” boys, the boys who say they are “separated” but still share a house with their wives, and boys who want to wear high heels (had to throw that one in – if you don’t know what I’m referring too please scroll down to “My most interesting date ever”).

Marathons involve waking early, sweating a lot, pain, work, training and a lot of endurance, but you get to meet cool healthy unconditionally loving people who choose healthy lives (for the most part) – and you get neat metals and bagels at the finish (and beer in a good marathon). And you receive the satisfaction of knowing that hard training reaps tremendous rewards.

So perhaps I’m a “dater in training” who has just not “run the marathon” of dating as of yet. But I know “slow and steady wins the race”, so off I go…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next Sundays blog…


5 thoughts on “Why running marathons better than dating…

  1. Katherine Anderson

    Congrats on another fantastic marathon! Keep your standards high…….you’re worth being with someone who really treasures you for who you are Xoxo K

  2. sue Lance

    You Rock and what respect I have for you!! You have to be happy with yourself before anything and you have succeeded!

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