Things my cat offers me that I pray for in my man…



Happy Mother’s Day! So many this week wished me a Happy Mother’s Day for being a “Mom” to my beloved Missy who has been my “child” for over 14 years. I had to put her sister Melanie to sleep last year (Dec. 10 to be exact) and this is a day I will never forget. Truly the hardest thing I EVER had to do in my life. More traumatic than my divorce (after all, I wanted him gone). Once it was over, she sent me signs from the other side that she was happy and in peace, and I knew I did the right thing, BUT “oh the agony” of making a decision to end the life of my “oldest child”.

So here I am, left with my Missy (a.k.a. “Mommy’s baby”). As I sit here tonight with her by my side, I feel I owe it to her and to myself to reflect on all the wonderful gifts she offers me everyday that I can only hope to find when I one day find “my man” and am completely done with “boys”. So in the following enumerations, I will outline these gifts as I dedicate this to my only living “child” who I am blessed to be a “Mother” to. The gifts are many:

1. She loves me unconditionally. How GREAT would this be to find with a man in a loving relationship? To Missy, I CAN DO NO WRONG. Even when I don’t get out of bed to feed her in the a.m. and she is climbing all over me and knocking things off my bedside table to get me up, she accepts that I need time to wake up, stumble into the bathroom, make my coffee and get around to feeding her. She simply stays right by my side and purrs a whole lot until that wet food (nasty as it is) hits the floor and she digs in. What is better than the looks I get from her when I come home at night that say “I am so happy to see you” and “I just want to be with you”? What would be better than getting this from my man?

2. She worships me like I am the one and only in her universe. Come on now, we all have a fondness when another living creature thinks we are the “sun, the moon and the stars”. I always joke that to Missy, I am her “God”. She acknowledges me in a way that beyond me, there can be no one else. She needs to be by my side from the second I walk in until the second I leave the apartment. I sometimes think there is a little “shrine” she has made to “worship me” hidden in the closet somewhere. I always wonder what she does when she crawls into those dark spaces in the very back of the closet where I cannot see. Heck, even as I try to write this blog, she is all over me, trying to mess up my typing, pressing her head against my hands, hoping for some scratching. Well, perhaps from a man this would be almost a little “too much” attention. But what the heck…I am willing to try it out.

3. Any meal I serve her she devours like it is her last I don’t even have to cook for her. Just open a can, add some luke warm water, mix and down to the floor. She thinks I am “America’s Next Top Chef”.
Imagine preparing meals for my “man” in this fashion? I know this one is too much to ask from any human, but dare to dream…

4. She NEVER complains about my messes. In fact, my Missy likes my messy bed. It is the best place for her to cuddle up in. She also loves rolling around on my un-vacuumed floor (especially if I have messed it up with her cat nip “kitty drugs”). She rolls around on the carpet and never asks me to clean up. In fact, she is quite proud of the stench she makes in her litter box and NEVER expects me to clean up after her (but I must admit, in order to keep my roommate from moving out, I do scoop up after her pretty quickly – but she never asks). Now, if only I could teach Missy to clean up after me. This is DEFINITELY my hope for my man…

5. She is so “chill” to have around. When I am with Missy, I am always relaxed. She sits quietly with me, watches the TV shows I like to watch, goes to sleep when I want to go to sleep, cuddles on the bed with me when I want to rest, even waits next to the bath tub with me while I take a bath. How nice would it be to have a man who is “chill” and keeps me relaxed???

So in saying all of these things, I acknowledge that much of this is said in jest. But to add a “Grandma Ruthism” she would always say “many a truth is said in jest”. If I could simply get a least 50% of the qualities I write about above, I would most certainly know I was with “my man” and not a boy…

And for all of you mothers out there who are unconditionally loving, God-like, accepting, great cooks and housekeepers, non-complainers, and “chill” – THANK YOU! You most certainly know who you are. May you be blessed with the men in your lives or with the ones who are on their way to you as you most certainly deserve true “men”. As do I!!!

And to my Missy, thanks for “keeping it real” until he comes…What would we do without our pets???

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for reading…


2 thoughts on “Things my cat offers me that I pray for in my man…

  1. sue Lance

    How true is that!!! In the journey of finding that boy/man- and I do believe you need a little boy in the man-You have been able to find out what you want. I guess thats part of the life-long job we are supposed to have. PLEASE keep on writing!!!

  2. Funny stuff, Leslie! You hit on simple truths. And since I read your self-esteem blog BEFORE this one, I dare to point out that our cats don’t help us learn to listen. And they don’t watch football. 😉

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