Why I need my female friends to survive dating…


Les and Jean GermanyHappy gorgeous Sunday! I am back from my London trip today and cannot help but think about why I need my female friends in order to survive dating as a single woman. I informed my dear London friend (who has been in my life for over 20 years) that I must blog about her, and all of my wonderfully supportive female friends, when I return back to NY. This trip was completely about quality time and travel with an amazing woman friend (not a girl). Thanks to her husband and mother, I had the opportunity to “steal” her away from her family for a few days, and tour around Berlin with her for a real “female” escape.

You see this friend, along with numerous other TERRIFIC girlfriends that I am blessed to have, has literally saved me from myself and my incessant “over thinking” and “over analyzing” when I date boy/men. I could go on for pages and pages as to the ways in which women help me, but I will keep this brief and simply highlight the most important reasons my friends enable me to survive and keep on dating…

Female friends give unconditional love. No doubt about it. If your friends make you feel special and worthy – KEEP THEM! If they do not, LOSE THEM! My London friend always makes me feel #1 in her book. And her daughters’ think I’m a “rock star” (I do make music videos with them just to maintain this “status”).

Female friends will listen to your “crazy dating stories” for hours and hours. My London friend has been listening to my “rants” and “analyses” of boy/men for what I would assume to be thousands of hours. If she ever gave me her “bill” I would certainly go bankrupt. But she NEVER complains and ALWAYS listens with a loving, positive and supportive ear. She doesn’t judge and teaches me how to be patient and kind to myself.

Female friends will encourage you to take your mind off your dating troubles. Nothing like a “girls night” out on the town to take your mind off needing that boy/man. My London friend was so happy to hit the “Berlin Brauhaus” for some of the most delicious beers and deep conversations that I hardly even noticed a boy/man during my whole trip (however, one bartender in particular was rather “cute” – but I digress…)

GREAT female friends will never leave you. This I know for a fact. My London friend has been there for me consistently through the good times and the bad. It never matters to her that she has a husband and 2 daughters when I am around. She simply makes me feel “part of the family”. In fact, all of my great female friends always make me feel included. And they often feed me and provide me with drink. You know, the single life really isn’t so bad.

THANKS TO MY POWERCHICKS! And you know who you are. Now get out there and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous Sunday…


3 thoughts on “Why I need my female friends to survive dating…

  1. Jodie

    I have close friends who do the same for me. They are the most important people in my life and always make me feel important to them too! I totally relate to this post 🙂

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