The value of a fake phone number for Internet dating…


Happy Father’s Day! Having a great day with Dad. Ran a half and hiked in New Paltz on this glorious day! It is such a blessing to have such a loving Dad. Gives me hope in my dating life.

Today’s bit of advice comes from my first terrifying on-line dating encounter. I have been doing this for many years and truly have felt safe, but unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I had a disturbing second phone conversation with a TOTAL PSYCHOPATHIC CREEP!

We had a first conversation which went well. He was a financial journalist expressing his impeccable language skills and extensive experiences writing for major newspapers. I was most impressed by his obvious verbal intelligence.

On the second conversation we made our coffee date. Perhaps the conversation was dragging on as I noted his speech was becoming more delayed. I inquired “are you tired?” to which he responded “no”. I did hear clinking of ice in a glass and thought to myself he must be a drinker and I must break our date.

Before I had the chance, he asked me, and I quote “Leslie, what do you think it would be like to feel my hands on the back of your neck, with my thumbs pushing into your esophagus until you turn blue and die”. Upon hearing this I hung up the phone with the fear that this psychopath now possessed my personal cell number and could possibly find me.

The good news is, after this frightening exchange, the Internet dating site quickly removed his profile and I have not heard from him again. The EXCELLENT news is I have discovered an app for my phone which enables me to give out a fake phone number to the strangers I meet on-line (and text from it) right on my cell phone! I love my dating number as it enables me to remain private with someone until I feel safe.

With every negative experience in my life, I have learned and grown from it. I felt it important to share this information with my fellow Internet dating friends. Several of my good friends are genuinely fearful for me (and I love them dearly). I just keep reminding myself “girl, you have to be in it to win it”. So I keep on…

Happy fathers’s day and thanks again to my wonderful father who shows me every day of my life the meaning of a “real man”. Keep on dating, but DATE SAFELY! Thanks for reading…



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