Don’t date the muscle boy…


Greetings and happy Sunday once again! I have had a few interesting dates with what I would refer too as “muscle boys” in these recent months. And I have found them to have some “commonalities” that I think important to share for those in the “dating world”. So here goes…

I have found “muscle boys” to be the quintessential “boys”. They are attractive, muscular (what hot blooded female doesn’t like “copping a feel” on the arms of a “strong boy”?) and “full of themselves”! I get the feeling when I am on dates with these kind of boys, they love themselves way too much to ever love a woman in the way I want to be loved. Now I know this is as HUGE generalization and certainly not all boys with muscles will fall into this category (this is a numbers game after all, and good people come in all shapes and sizes), but since I have met 2 “muscle boys” in the past few months who share the same characteristics, I thought it important to educate my dating “powerchicks” about this.

Sign #1 a muscle boy may not be good for you: They wait for you to be “all over them”. And when you are not, they get pretty upset. Both of these boys actually told me off and claimed I would be alone forever and am a “man hater” since I didn’t attack them physically and jump into bed with them. I always tell the boys I meet “slow and steady wins the race”.

Sign #2: They both accused me of being “full of myself” – well…thanks to my running partner Rose (age 63 and has completed 45 marathons) she tells me that if a boy tells me “I’m full of myself” I’m doing something very right when I’m dating. After all, it only took me 43 years to realize that in order to find “my man” it SHOULD BE ALL ABOUT ME! Why not? I’m “all that and a bag of chips”!!!!

Sign #3: They disappear fast. Both “muscle boys” disappeared “but quick” after they realized I wasn’t going to jump into bed with them. Sadly, they are on the “net” and there will be other women who will oblige them much faster than I! I just think it is so much nicer to have a boy “disappear” before you give them what they are seeking. BAH BYE!

So this is my wisdom for this week. Would I love my “man” to have muscles? OF COURSE!!!! But I will love my man more for taking his time with me and learning to love ALL OF ME – inside and out – because I’m worth it!

Happy Sunday. Thanks for reading 🙂


3 thoughts on “Don’t date the muscle boy…

  1. Leslie — though muscleheads tend to be self-absorbed and narcissistic, the same could be said about artists and musicians. Ive dated them all. And for that matter, there are women like that too–. But I will in general agree, big egos, hyper sensitive to themselves not others… (Btw my guy has muscles and he’s a great boyfriend) — so the good ones are out there. The real commonality seems to be that both these guys were immature idiots–and as we both know–idiots come in all sizes and shapes, we just tend to give the more attractive ones a go. Ive had not so attractive guys pull that crap and call me “uptight”. I think we need to screen men according to their values and character — much like we do our friends.

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