Down Low Dating…


Happy Sunday. Today I would like to embark upon a “sensitive” subject that I have encountered often. I know that this topic is not one I hear much about, but I have come across this scenario routinely in my Internet dating. It is what I refer too as dating the dreaded “down low” boy…

What is a down low boy? “Down low” was a term used many years ago during an Oprah talk show episode I was viewing. Thanks to Oprah, I learned there are thousands of boys out there who are secretly homosexual and date women to help enable them to be viewed in a more “normal” way by the world. And I have had the heartbreak multiple times by dating, spending much time with, and falling for these boys.

Some of the qualities I fall very fast for in these boys include:

1. They are typically good looking. In fact a few have been so handsome that my girlfriends drool and are VERY HAPPY for me landing a “hottie”. By this time, I usually subconsciously know a relationship is not going to blossom, but it is fun to get praised for being seen with eye candy.

2. They are the quintessential confirmed bachelors. By the time a good looking boy is still single, never married, no children, not having had a relationship with a woman for more than 2 years, and in his mid 40’s – all these things are things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm.

3. Theses boys are typically very intelligent and great to hold deep conversations with. Now you all know how much I LOVE a great coffee and conversation date. Especially with an open minded, intelligent boy who views humanity with love and open mindedness the way I do. What could be hotter than this? But, your relationship may never gets past the movie theater or coffee shop or drive home for an invite into his apartment. Reality is, with a boy like this ladies, you most likely will never see his living space. And if you do, you will NEVER feel the emotional connection you deserve.

When you date a down low boy, your gutt will be screaming something is wrong! Trust me, as a dating woman in my mid-forties, I have learned over and over to trust my gutt. If you feel it, believe your truth. Don’t let your thoughts talk you out of your gutt. YOU KNOW WHEN A BOY IS DOWN LOW!

Walk away and pray. I do believe it is tragic when a boy puts up a fake front to the world. Ladies, being deceived by a down low boy hurts more and more the longer you stay.

Trust me and stay single. Our day will come.

Thank you for reading.


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