A story of a boy who doesn’t know how to respect a woman…


Happy Sunday. So what I have learned in my blogging, is that y’all love my “juicy” dating stories. And I know I have good ones. In an effort to keep my readership numbers up there, I must give you what you want at least every other Sunday. But beware, there will be a lesson in this. After all, whether you have realized it or not, I am writing with a purpose in mind…

Saw him on one of my favorite internet dating web sites as he “winked” at me. For those of you who do not know the lingo, “winking” is a way that a boy/man gets your attention on the site. Upon looking at his profile, my first immediate thought was “a bit nerdy”. He was into computers, had been a boy scout, etc. He looked just like the boy from the “Christmas Story” movie. Hope you are getting a visual.

Turns out (since my world is so small) he lived across the street from a friend of mine who knew him in a neighborly way. He actually helped her shovel her driveway during a snow storm. Good sign – a chivalrous boy/man! When I told my friend I wasn’t sure I should go out with him, her response was “give the nice one a try”.

So off we went. We had a great first and second date. A very nice boy/man – a good father, a polite, fun date. On date number three, we were dining at a nice place and enjoying each other when he asked me to walk along the Hudson river afterwards. Then he went in for the smooch. Now in all honesty (since he wasn’t a “hottie”) I was not sure I felt the spark for this boy/man. But after the smooch he said, and I quote: “your place or mine”. I nearly lost my dinner. I said to him: “you need to understand that after only a third date, I still consider us getting to know each other and I never move that fast”. Upon hearing me he responded, “well I’m not going to wait too long”.

Needless to say, I never went out with that boy again. My girlfriend was quite surprised at the “nice boy’s” behavior. I’m not. For me, I can quickly see that most of the boy/men I date turn into boys. And I realize it is about wanting to be respected. The only way to earn respect from someone is by spending time with them and learning about them as human souls. In order to find my “man”, I am seeking the man willing to get to know me for me and willing to give time, time. Too much to ask? Think not. What do you think?

Happy Sunday and thank you for reading – always…
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3 thoughts on “A story of a boy who doesn’t know how to respect a woman…

  1. sue Lance

    The “Millionaire Matchmaker” states- No sex before monogamy!! and that’s a quote. Your comeback was on the money!! And stay true to your morals and values! Bravo!!!

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