Sisters before Mr.’s!


Happy Sunday. I’ve been told by many boys I have good looking female friends. This I do. And many of my good looking female friends have suffered with their male counterparts over the years. Boy/men are not easy to relate too (to say the least). Hence, I decided to proclaim what I have said to my terrific female friends over the years: “Sisters before Mr.’s”!

Many years ago, a boy I was attempting to be in relationship with told me he needed his boys nights out as his mantra was “pals before gals”. As soon as I heard this I knew I needed my own female version and I’m happy to say that as far as I know “sisters before Mr.’s” is all mine! My girls always love it! Marrieds and singles alike appreciate this declaration. Here are some reasons as to why I think so:

1. Sisters will always be there for you emotionally. I have yet to meet a boy who can meet my emotional needs or neediness (as you know) and I’m not sure I ever will. BUT SISTERS! Thank you powerchicks! ( my expression for strong independent women). You gals consistently have supported me 100%
emotionally for so many years. Kudos to you! (You know who you are).

2. Sisters will never ignore a sister in need. Even at 3 a.m. I cannot even tell you how many boys over the years have literally closed the door on me and my emotions in the middle of the night. But my sisters will always pick up that phone. THANK YOU!!!!

3. Sisters relate – to our insecurities, vulnerabilities, and feminine needs. No boy can EVER do this for us.

Calling my man! Are you out there? Are you listening? If you want to really know the real me, talk to my sisters. They can write my book.


Thank you for reading yet another Sunday. Every time you read, I feel blessed.




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