free-heart-clip-art.010In my quest for “my man” and my journey as an internet dater, I feel compelled to tackle this sensitive subject. Much has been said about loneliness. Billy Joel sang, “they’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but its better than drinking alone”. Self help programs advise to watch out for these four difficult feelings: anger, hunger, tired and lonely. Internet dating and the desire to meet “the one” is truly driven by this powerful emotion.

Being a single woman, in my middle 40’s and not having a husband or children, my desire to not be alone is GREAT! I have filled my life with friends, running, food, concerts (Dave Matthews), church, classes, even scuba diving! You name it, I will try it. I am probably the most active person on the planet and I realize it’s because it is hard for me to be alone with me. But necessary. I have learned that to become a “more evolved” individual you must face yourself.

I have made a conscious decision to slow myself down and write. The act of writing leads me to reflect on my journey and share my truth with those of us “in the same boat”. Hoping my journey will help others. One of the things I realize is that even though I am not married and have no children, many people I know who have the spouse and the children, STILL FEEL LONELY. It is a universal human emotion that does not strike only single people.

Prayer and meditation provide much comfort in battling this uncomfortable emotion. I have learned that God is in charge and doesn’t want any of us to feel lonely for too long. Hence, God puts positive people, places and things into our lives to show us we are NEVER alone. If I reflect upon my life and the “tough stuff” I have faced, God always sends me positive angels to be sure I am taken care of.

The bottom line of my message is this: If you feel lonely, relax and breathe into your loneliness and embrace it as a sign that something great is coming. Keep your eyes open for angels and invitations to meet new people and to say “yes” to new adventures to combat loneliness. As great as I anticipate “my man” to be, he can never replace the divine love looking out for me and taking care of me. Life has shown me I am never alone.

Thanks again for reading. Promise next week to give a “juicy dating story”.


3 thoughts on “Loneliness…

  1. sue Lance

    I admire you for your soul searching. It can sometimes be painful but you have taught me so much- so embrace I will and thank you !!

  2. Elena

    Lonliness is a lot like how people neurotically avoid boredom. And avoid PAUSES and stretches of silence. I am definately one who often can’t sit still for the same reasons. But I find I crave SILENCE lately. My take has changed also in this respect. That wanting companionship and love and feeling lonely are often 2 different things. Lonliness feels deeper and is connected to neediness, an inner feeling of (incompleteness) — when I have felt THAT feeling, its insatiable, and there’s something deeper that needs to be addressed. The desire for “partnership” is a good thing and needs to be followed up by the confidence of its fruitition.

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