Family counts when you are single…


Greetings from Illinois and Wisconsin and a terrific family vacation! I have been spending quality time this past week with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. We have dined in a Chicago German pub, set sail on a gorgeous lake, seen eagles flying, and thanks to my cousin’s POWERCHICK wife, even flipped over a wave runner. Simply pure joy!

Spending time with family has allowed me to reflect on the fact that my family has been a tremendous sustaining life force for me as a single woman in middle age. Why? They accept and love me just as I am.

I don’t have a husband. I don’t have children. I have had terrible luck in love I attribute to my boy addiction. I watch my male cousins in action with their wives and girlfriends and they are TRULY MEN! It is wonderful for me to be accepted by my family exactly as I am. They go out of their way to include me in all their family adventures, no questions asked.

The only draw back spending time with family is that today I had to cut my long run short to get on the boat with the whole clan. (They even came to pick me up on the side of the road). And while some days I want to run forever, today I was so happy to jump in that car and be with the people who really count! CHEERS TO MY FAMILY! This one is for you!!!!





4 thoughts on “Family counts when you are single…

  1. Elena

    Leslie — powerchick to powerchick — and I mean this from the heart and not as criticism, you got to work on giving up your “incompleteness.” I know you appreciate and love your family and friends, running, and many other things. This is great. Yet I sense theres something in you that feels that having “that one” will make the sky bluer, the sunshine brighter and everything better. “That one” is God, my dear. Its not “your man”. And you already have God if you look within yourself. The sky is already bluer. Your man is/will be/another special companion. But he will not complete you. He will not make any vista more beautiful or joyful than you and God can make it now.

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