Friendship first….


Happy Sunday. I am happy to report I had the most amazing time at my 25th HS reunion last night. Yes, I went alone. And YES! It was great. It is so nice to connect with folks who are so kind and willing to share their honest stories with me. I discovered so much about people I assumed were “perfect” in High School. Thank you SHS class of 89 for “keeping it real” and for a night of laughter and love. My advice to you if you are single, or if you are married – go to your reunions! A real boost for your self-esteem – truly!

As promised, today I want to speak on advice my amazing father gave me. When you are attempting to form a relationship with someone, be sure you become “friends first”. I realize what a challenge this is in the world of internet dating. The expectation is “fast and furious”. I recently had a boy who is about 10 years older than me, ask me during a first phone conversation if “you wear your hair back all the time” and to “send him some sexy pictures”. I was immediately turned off and disgusted. How could a complete stranger whom I was speaking with for the first time be so inappropriate? Especially an older boy? Shouldn’t he know better? Heck, he has a daughter in college! Shame on him.

But with every rough encounter I have my Oprah style “ah ha” moment. The reason I get so turned off by the fast-moving culture of internet dating is that I want a man who wants to be my friend. I want my man to start off a first conversation by asking something as simple as “how are you today Leslie?” and then be really interested in my answer. I want my man to take an interest in my interests. I certainly don’t expect my man to be a runner (some think I do), but I do expect him to think its “cool” that I run marathons. My nephews think its “cool” – and they are on their way to becoming fine young men.

Boys have no interest in friendship. Boys are on the internet to attempt to get their needs met from girls (and you know what I mean, I’m sure 😉 In fact, I have been told there are plenty of girls on the net doing this too.

For those of you dating for friendship first, put it out there. Be firm. A real man and/or a real woman will totally get this and treat you like the queen or king that you are. BELIEVE! I DO!!!

Thanks for reading. If there are any men (or women) reading this and want to be a “guest” blogger – please reach out to me. Tired of hearing myself today. Stayed out too late with the SHS class of 89! WHAT FUN!!!!!!!


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