Telling boy/men I date that I blog about it


Happy Sunday. Another tough topic to tackle. When I meet a nice boy/man, I struggle with the question of “do I tell him I blog about my Internet dating experiences?” When I mull this over in my mind, the answer always leads to a resounding “YES!!!” Why? You might be thinking I’m crazy for doing this. Well, I subscribe to “you are only as sick as your secrets” so I decided to be loud and be proud: I, LESLIE J. HOOT, DO WRITE ABOUT MY INTERNET DATING EXPERIENCES FOR THE WORLD TO READ! Let me see if I can “delve” into my world of “why” a bit further…

My Aunt Peg said it best. “Leslie, this must be very cathartic for you”. Thanks Aunt Peg and yes it is. For every date I go on, there is a story and a lesson. In addition, while I keep dating praying to meet my man, I at times get discouraged and frustrated. Getting out the stories in my writing simply makes it all feel so much better. And I so appreciate the words of support I am getting.

So on my dates, I tell boy/men I’m a writer. If they probe further, I share my blog with them. Some read, most don’t. It’s all good. It’s me! And it’s public. No secrets, no shame. One boy/man told me not too long ago there is a lot of estrogen throughout my site! LOL!!!! Perhaps he will keep reading? You alpha males perhaps can learn a thing or 2? Perhaps not…

On to more dates….

Thank you for reading my truth….


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