Is there really a “one”?


Happy Sunday. I often contemplate this idea of “the one”. Much dating literature addresses this topic too. The question is both deep and superficial. Let me touch on both.

Superficially, there really is no “one”. Dating involves lots of “ones”. Some are good and some are great. Some are smart, some are nice, some are interesting, most are “keep it moving” for one reason or another. Lately I’ve been calling dating “my second job”. I go on loads of “dating interviews” and most never progress. I’ve yet to make a true connection. But it is a lot of fun and I’ve made many great connections with boys who do enhance my life. For example, he may not be “Mr. Right”, but he gave me the best auto mechanic advice. Make sense?

If I take this conversation to a deeper level, and I enjoy the spiritual perspective. Spiritually, “the one” is a quest I believe all souls are seeking. Oneness is a basic human desire given to us by our creator. On our journey to “oneness” we meet many along the way who help us to evolve into deeper connections with each other. This is how I view my dating. Teachers come to me in many forms showing me the way along my journey. My desire in my dating, is to restrict the amount of time I spend with anyone who may not be contributing to my evolution. Told you this is deep…

I have learned that if a person you date does not work, it is all because another teacher is on the way. So I keep an open mind and I keep dating. Perhaps my one is right around the corner, or perhaps my man is still “lifetimes away”. I’m here for a reason, so I keep on sharing my truth.

Thanks for sharing my journey.


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