Beware of the divorced boy…


divorcedHappy Sunday. I’m laughing to myself this morning, thinking “I am warning women about so many boys that there is going to be no one left to date”. But then I remember that I still believe in the beauty of dating. This is my journey. So let me talk about encounters with the divorced boy.

I wish I could tell you a story about one divorced boy in particular, as I have dated many. But the more I date the divorced boy, the more I see a common theme: the divorced boy has no time to make me feel as if I’m important in his life. My “profile” of the divorced boy would include the following: he has an ex-wife (duh), and children, and a “crazy life”. He typically has “baby Momma drama” and lots of “kid drama”. He is busy with his job and making enough money to support his drama. And I always keep in the back of my mind that his “baby Momma” divorced him for a reason…

I can tell you that in one of my most recent dates with a divorced boy, he spent more time looking at his phone than looking at me. He had so much going on with his ex-wife and kids, that it was difficult for him to enjoy his time on a date with me. He even answered the phone when his ex-wife called! I was thinking to myself that it’s a shame he needs to stay this connected to his “ex-life” that he cannot take time out to enjoy a dinner date with me. (FYI, when on a date, I NEVER take my phone out of my bag – call me old-fashioned, but I think its RUDE).

This boy was certainly cute enough and fun and very funny. I could spend a lot of time attempting to get him to “pay attention to me”, but I have learned not to waste my precious time. After all, busy boy, I have news for you. I HAVE A LIFE TOO!
In fact, I’m running a marathon tomorrow and you forgot to wish me good luck.

I guess to “wrap this blog up”, so that I don’t sound too bitter, I will say that I will be happy to date a divorced man. Because I know a divorced man will take the time to make me feel special and important when we are on a date. SO SIMPLE TO KNOW AND YET SO HARD TO FIND! So I continue to date in the quest for “my man”.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Beware of the divorced boy…

  1. Elena

    You need to read Law of Attraction stuff. By that I don’t necessarily mean The Secret. There are lots of books and ebooks and kindle books you can put on your phone. Its starts with your thought beliefs and emotions. They ain’t in sync my dear. Your Desire is not in sync with your belief about it and your emotions. I can recommend lots of books but its about finding a simple mantra for yourself. Simple being key and rechanneling your energy.

  2. That fine line between the boy and the man can be difficult to find. He’s cute, fun and funny. All good. But ya gotta go on the date in order to learn more. And that’s where your fun stories generate from. You give people a chance and you seem to know what you want so you can filter out the boys. Your kind/hearted spirit shines.

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