Dating can be funny and lighthearted…


anchovyHappy Sunday. I decided to “lighten things up a bit” and tell a silly story. After all, getting too serious every week is getting a bit boring, so I’ll just be silly me.

I met him through a gal I met on my vacation last summer. She told me she knew a nice single boy who lived near me back at home and she wanted to “fix us up”. So when I got home from my vacation, he called. He sounded very nice on the phone and offered to take me to a lovely restaurant to sit at the outdoor bar and order a drink and an appetizer. Since it was summer and the venue he chose is one of my favorites for the outdoor bar, I said yes (with invites like this, sometimes my “first date coffee rule” goes out the window). The establishment is really lovely, with gardens and fire torches and the beauty of the Hudson River.

So I met him outside the restaurant/outdoor bar area in the parking lot. He was tall and decent looking. He had a nice smile. I thought to myself this might be a good date, hopefully. When we went inside, he chose a lovely table with a beautiful view of the river. We were having some nice small talk as we were perusing the menu when he asked “is there anything you do not eat”. With that, I chuckled and said “Oh, really I am not picky, I eat everything”. For me, this is mostly true. I am not a picky eater at all. I have been praised by past boys I have dated for being so “non-picky” in my food choices and in my openness to trying new food items. I encouraged him to order whatever he wanted.

With that, he said, “ok, I think I’m going to order the gourmet pizza with the anchovies on top”. I nearly gagged on my drink as he said it. Now readers, you must know that there are probably only about 5 food items I refuse to eat and anchovies of course is one of them. I took a deep breath and kindly let him know that sadly I do not eat anchovies. I’m not sure he saw the humor in this, but I did. I thought, “figures”.

I knew I could not swallow any anchovy pizza so I had to be honest and encourage him to pick another menu item. After studying the menu he asked me if I could eat the grilled squid. I again hesitated in my mind, but I knew that I had eaten calamari plenty of times, so I figured I could agree to this. So I did. But I must say, it was not the most pleasant experience. Quite sure I choked down most of it.

The date ended fairly well and he seemed to have a good time as I did. The conversation went well and I was hoping he’d call again, but he didn’t. Two things I learned from this date. 1. Don’t say on my date that I eat everything – ask him what he has in mind to order and be honest about my likes and dislikes. Better to be picky at first and lighten up later. 2. I am happy he didn’t call. Who knows, on the next date he might have been ordering pickled pigs feet for me to dine on.

Every date happens for a reason. Thanks for reading.


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