It’s ok to not “do life” the way my mother did…


free-mothers-day-clip-art-18-Happy Sunday. No dating stories today. Just some dating wisdom along with some life wisdom. I would like to thank writer Elizabeth Gilbert for inspiring me this week. Many have said I write like her, but I think I am striving to live a life that Elizabeth inspired. I happened to catch her this week on Oprah’s amazing television show “Super Soul Sunday”. She told Oprah that what inspired her to live her own life and write her book “Eat, Pray, Love”, was that she gave herself permission to live her life differently from her mother’s life. This got me thinking a whole lot..

First of all, I LOVE MY MOTHER. If it wasn’t for my Mom and my Dad, I wouldn’t have the luxury to live this terrific life I am living. SO THANK YOU GUYS!

Second of all, thank you Elizabeth Gilbert, because I have spent a good portion of my 30’s trying to live the life my mother lived. I married and went through a torturous ordeal that almost “did me in”. Feeling trapped in my marriage was an understatement. I felt frightened and truly thought I could not get out of my marriage safely or even alive!

But God is great and put angels in my path. Thanks to my “life savers”, my father reminds me often that “I got saved” when I escaped my marriage not only “intact”, but what I believe to be a better, healthier, happier person. Now that I am in my forties, I’m realizing yet again that everything happens for a reason and that God has me right where he wants me. In a great place! Dating, writing, running, inspiring. In addition, I am blessed with an occupation that permits me to be kind to others. My job allows me to give my gift to the world – MY GIFT OF GIVING! I truly believe this is my “soul purpose” in my life.

So, with all this being said, I have finally stopped looking for a “husband”. It worked for my mother and father, but it hasn’t worked for me, so far. Today, my needs from my man are simple. I am looking for a “giver”. A kind-hearted soul who is like-minded and wants to be a “giver” too. Heck, I’ll even take this a step further to state that I want to meet someone who has been given the same soul purpose as myself. Then I envision that we can conquer the world together! Together we can “give” to one soul at a time…

In the mean time, I date. Not to worry, the funny stories keep on coming, so next week I promise to make you laugh. That’s the best form of “medicine” after all.

Thanks always for reading. Bless you.


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