Two ships who pass in the night…


Happy Sunday from a gorgeous Caribbean cruise with my number one man – my Dad. We are truly having a fabulous vacation. My first cruise. In typical “Leslie style”, I have circled the upper deck track over 100 times for my training runs. I also experienced a bought of horrific sea sickness on my dives (the diving here is beautiful so worth the sickness! Saw sharks, sea turtles, eel, huge lobster, and lion fish). In addition, with the exception of this blog, I have pretty much accomplished complete disconnection from my cell phone which gives me time to reflect and feel whole again. Looking off over the amazing vastness of ocean from my room’s balcony, of course I can safely tell you I met yet another boy….

Yes, I’m on my cruise with my Dad and yes I’m being all serene and self actualized and stuff, but you know I’m a boy addict so of course had to find the only divorced, single, 45 year old boy on this ship! Actually, we met during a dive excursion. He and I were the only two on this ship going diving on the same day and we ended up being paired together as dive partners.

Trust me folks, on cruises there are not too many of these types of cute single boys. And he’s really cute! OF COURSE!!!!! He is VERY geographically undesirable, living in Arizona, so a no go to be “my man”. However, he’s nice, buying me some drinks as of course we found each other back on the ship after our dives. It is really funny having a boy hit on me in front of dear old Dad! But my Dad takes everything in stride. Especially his daughter! Praise God!!!!

So here I am doing battle yet again with boy addiction on my vacation. I was supposed to run tonight, but sat on the poolside deck with this boy and his bro “slugging some beers” and laughing a lot. We are having great conversation. He works in the medical field too and likes being fit and active. We have stuff in common as two ships passing… But I do realize THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT!! Being in the moment. Living life on God’s terms (not mine). And having fun!

I’m having so much fun that I made a gym date with Dad at 4:00 and when I came to the room he was napping. I said “Dad, I’m getting free beers from this boy and don’t want to go to the gym”. He said “you are having fun, go enjoy!” And he continued his nap while I continued with my “boy fun”. How’s that for a man?

So 2 ships passing in the night is really meant to provoke you into “staying in the moment” if you are dating and simply “having fun”. Real men in your life will want this for you! SURE OF IT! Thanks Dad! Bon Voyage!!!! 🚢⚓️🚣

ADDENDUM: I wrote this blog this past Thursday. It is now Sunday and turns out (shocker of shockers), the boy is really NOT a nice guy. He’s moody and has a negative disposition. Yet his brother is nice (sadly too nice for me, but working on this) and he has great friends who love dancing and having fun so I’ve made some party pals! Although Dad can hold his own. But I realize that yet again this is BOY ADDICTION AT ITS FINEST! Awareness is the first step to recovery. I’m enjoying this last cruise day with my Dad! And today is not a “boy addiction day” -it’s a recovery day. One day at a time. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Two ships who pass in the night…

  1. Jean Hoot

    Hi Leslie, I am not sure if you will see the comment I left on your blog. As always I enjoyed the “read”!! Love, Mom XO

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