Don’t date the boy who makes your roommate nervous…


Ksennia photoHappy Sunday. Time for a silly story. When I “go deep” like I did last Sunday, it’s time to “lighten it up a bit” and make you laugh (hopefully). My roommate is a blessing beyond words. She is young, kind, respectful, and runs marathons with me! And I found her on Craig’s List! In fact, when she came to see her room, she saw all my medals and informed me she had already run the Yonkers Marathon. As fate would have it, I too ran that very same race and she remembered seeing me as I marked my shirt with my name! Yet again in “Leslieland”, it’s very small world.

Since I have had such amazing luck finding great roommates on Craig’s List (my current roommate is great roommate #3), I figured why not try my luck in finding “my man” on Craig’s List? In fact, I met a woman close to my age (a runner) who said she found a great relationship off of Craig’s List. She advised that it was important I state exactly what I am looking for and be specific. So in my advertisement, my description read something like this: “seeking a serious relationship that would be long term, no casual encounters please and I will do a background check on you before we meet” – you get the picture. I was doing my best to proceed with caution since I knew posting on Craig’s List could potentially open the “stranger danger” can of worms.

So I received a cute photo and a nice note from a boy I shall name “Fred”. He was a bit younger than me, but he looked acceptable to meet. He had a great job and lived locally. We met for coffee and I found him to be sweet. A bit shy in a cute way and I was attracted to his kindness. So we began dating. Of course as you get to know someone, you learn their idiosyncrasies. Fred was a smoker and explained that he never smoked in his apartment. He only smoked outdoors and in his car. His favorite thing to do was to go for “drives” to smoke. He admitted that he hated the smell of smoke, so when he smoked we would don a rain coat and one glove to prevent the smell of smoke on his body.

Since I was spending enough time with him, I decided to invite him over to see my apartment and meet my roommate. I informed her that he would be “stopping by” at some point, but I didn’t tell her specifically when. So he was on the way over one evening and she was on the way home from work. I figured they would show up around the same time and they could meet – PERFECT.

Well, she got home first. As she came through the door, she had a horrified look on her face. She said with animation in her voice, “Leslie, there is a freaky looking guy outside our door wearing a long coat and one glove, smoking a cigarette. Lock the door!” I knew immediately this was Fred and I felt so badly for her terrified reaction. I told her “um, I think that is Fred, he was coming to meet you and take me out”. With that, there was a knock at the door and I was introducing them.

Turns out he was an odd boy. His behaviors became stranger and stranger and I needed to end my time with him. From this awkward encounter, I learned I need to consider my roommate’s “gut reaction” to the boys I date. She loves telling this story to friends when she comes out with me and she begged me to “blog” this one. So “roomie”, this one is for you. Thanks for looking out and for having a great sense of humor. I am teaching you that we need this in order to date. And we need good friends who have our best interests in their hearts. THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading.


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