Internet Dating: the bigger better deal…


Happy Sunday!   I had a terrific weekend.  I met a terrific gay man who loves my blog.   He jokingly proclaimed that he is a boy addict too.   As our conversation got deeper, I realized we do have much in common when it comes to dating boys and what we are attracted too.   Attraction is on a DNA level for us.   Just because in our intellect we may know someone is not good for us, our bodies seem to still, at times, crave what is knowingly bad for us.   Hence the ending result is choosing the “bad boy” and entering into our “boy addiction pattern”.   And ” boy” did he get me!!!   Wish he was straight!   This one is for you great man!

During our conversation, we got onto the topic of internet dating.    I explained to him that I found it hard to meet someone, begin to really “hit it off” with that person, and then see on-line they are still looking at other women.   I call this the “bigger better deal” phenomenon in on-line dating.   I too have been guilty.   You may really like someone , but since no one is perfect, in your mind you think someone better is coming for you.  Inernet boy\girl “shopping” makes it all too easy to keep looking.   When I see the boy I like is still looking, which they all do, I keep quiet.   I let it go.  

For me, after about three months time, I suspect my man (if he should come) will speak up and say he has met his perfect woman and is done with looking.   I truly think this is the man’s job, and that all I’m to do is to “sit back” and enjoy being treated like the great catch I know I am.  My day will come….

Thank you for reading.


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