Waiting for the “perfect” man…


skeleton girl

Happy Sunday!  I am writing on Saturday as I will be running my 4th and final marathon of the season this Sunday in Philadelphia.  I am proud to say that for my “four full for fall” I have raised over $1500 (and climbing) for the Midnight Run, a NY not-for-profit offering resources for homeless persons.  I have volunteered for them many times and we take food and clothing to the streets at night.  The people I have met who are living on the streets have made a profound impact on my life in terms  of making me appreciate all I am blessed to have.  Helping others to help myself is my life’s purpose, I’m quite sure.  As I wait for the “perfect” man…

The people in my life are amazing.  I was sitting at my desk this week, at a career I’ve been blessed to have since 1997. A co-worker and friend (who I would consider “brother”) sent me a picture on my phone.  It is the picture you see on this blog.  I quickly sent it out to a bunch of my friends.  One of my great friends who also knows me so very well responded:  “the resemblance is uncanny”.  OMG!!!!  LMAO!!!!!  Her resemblance to me is so uncanny, I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to lonely skeleton girl…

One thing I will say about this girl, is that I have learned that while I wait for my “perfect” man, I am not sitting on a bench allowing myself to “rot”.  I am running, writing, and living life as best I can.  I am seeking my purpose on earth.  I know I am great at helping others, so I continue to try to help others in every way I can.

I also know men are not “perfect”.  I certainly am not “perfect”.  I have “run down” enough roads with boys to know that I do need a man in my life and I promise that when I meet one, I will accept his imperfections.  I simply am being reminded in my dating life that I can no longer take on a boy’s problems and try to “save” him.  I recognize that I truly need a man who can (as my wise chiropractor said) help make my life a little easier.

In the mean time, I have a blessed life.  And I continue to thank all of you who read and hopefully take away some wisdom from my writings.  A little advice:  if you are “waiting around” for perfection to come your way- STOP!  Don’t shrivel into a skeleton sitting on a bench.  Get out there and live!  Find your passion and “go for it”.  Help make the world a better place.  This can easily be done simply by loving another soul in need.  All we need.  Thanks for reading…


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