Beware of angry boy…


Happy Sunday. I am getting excited for the upcoming holiday season and spending time with family and friends. There is a comfort in being single and free to pick and choose where I go and who I spend my time with. And it is good for me to reflect on why I choose not to be with boys. I have dated angry boys, and have learned these are not the boys I choose to spend my time with today.

In my dating and relationship life, there are a few different scenarios in which you will know for certain you are with an angry boy. The first, is when the boy displays his anger during his driving. The second, is when the boy speaks disparagingly about his ex-wife. The third, is when the boy displays impatience with you and others.

To provide you an example of the first scenario, his anger was displayed every time he got behind the wheel. He would drive his car right up on the back bumper of other people’s cars and yell as if the other drivers could hear him. The sad part of this story was that his child asked him to please stop and he continued. Very disrespectful to me and his child. I do believe his child strives to grow up being “opposite Dad” behind the wheel. Needless to say, I ended the relationship with this angry boy. A smart move for myself, as to this day, I at times receive angry e-mails from him…IGNORE!!!

The second scenario is the “ex-wife angry speak”. Of course I understand that speaking kindly about an “ex” is not always easy to do, but referring to her as the “b” word or any other angry profane words is a big turn off to the new person that boy is dating. I truly believe that when I meet my man, he will have some insight as to why his marriage or past relationship may have ended by taking responsibility for his role in the relationship demise. After all, relationship endings are a wonderful opportunity to soul search and to grow into a better person. My man will understand this. I certainly have had profound “take aways” which I believe have made me into the person I am today as the result of “break-up” personal growth.

In the third scenario, an angry boy has very little patience for you and for anyone he interacts with. I once had a boy so fired up because in his mind I wasn’t directing his car correctly (he was backing up from a tight spot) that he yelled at me “I could hit you”. Needless to say, I never saw him again.

So to recap angry boys are road raging, ex-wife bashing, impatient boys who need not waste my time. “Nough” said? “Where are you man?” Tis the season to be patient…

Thank you for reading…


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