5 fast ways to beat the “I don’t have the boy blues” at the holidays…



x mas treeIt’s Sunday before Christmas and the dreaded “so hard to be single” New Year’s Eve. The potential for loneliness and “settling” for “Mr. Wrong Boy” is great. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to think positive about not having a boy this time of year…

1. You do not have to spend money on a nice gift. I cannot tell you how much dough I’ve dropped over the years at the holidays on boys (and their children). Not to mention birthdays, anniversaries and all the other things that come with being in relationship with a boy. I’m happy to say this year I’m spending on those who unconditionally love me: family, friends and of course my beloved kitty Missy. Money well spent!

2. You do not have to do the “obligatory” spend time with a boy’s family and neglect your own at the holidays. I know my parents are thrilled I’m single and will be devoting all my Christmas time to be with them. I’m loaded with gifts for the parents too. I joked with them last year that if I did have children they would NEVER get so many gifts from me!

3. You do not feel pressure to get a live Christmas tree. Every time I have a boy in my life I feel the need to get a live tree. You know, it’s very “manly” to let the boy hunt down and cut a tree for his gal. Been there, done that. I’m really beginning to love my 5 foot artificial tree displayed proudly on top of a card board box to make it seem like the Rockefeller Tree!

4. Being a single gal, I get a lot of “good food items” from family and friends and neighbors. I know they sometimes think, “poor middle age gal with no boy” – let me give her some home-made bread, soup, wine, etc. I get lots of yummy stuff both delivered to my home and at the homes of my friends. Another money saver!

5. Going out with my single gals on New Years Eve to dance! What is better than this? My plans are still a bit up in the air but feel no pressure and no obligations. Being a free spirit on New Years Eve can be super fun. So bring it!

I’m hoping this blog gave you a bit of a “holiday” chuckle especially if you are single. It’s really not so bad. Somewhere out there is “my man” ready to appreciate my quick wit and positive spirit. Until then, I’m not getting “blue” this Christmas. A very happy holidays to you and thank you always for taking the time to read.


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