A story of a New Year’s Eve good boy…


2015! Can it be? Of course, at any New Year it is wonderful to look back and reflect on years past. I decided to tell a story from when I was in my 20’s. The only time in my life where I met a boy on New Years Eve whom I really liked. We wound up in a 6 month relationship that resulted in my learning he was not “my man”, but in thinking back to his behavior the night we met he was certainly “a good boy”…

The year was 1993 going into 1994. I was a new college graduate, with a “real world” job and a “real world” apartment and a “real world” leased car. I was just making it financially and had to take a second job to make ends meet, but life was fun. My favorite thing to do was head to the “big city” of NY and have “20 year old style fun”. And I was always blessed with girlfriends willing to partake. So my best friend from High School was game to hit a “big bar” party where one price took care of all our drinking needs for the night. (Alas, as many can relate, a dangerous plan).

So during that alcohol filled night, we both met boys. Mine seemed especially sweet and kind hearted. Basically, he took both of us under his wing and protected us for the night. My friend’s boy actually convinced her to go back to his apartment and my boy came too. My boy was like an angel. He stayed with us and made sure we had fun and that no one harmed us. He got us both into a cab and ensured we were Grand Central bound. Sadly, we missed our 3 a.m. last train home and had to sit the night in Grand Central sobering up and paying for our bad behavior…

We laugh about it to this day and realize that my boy was our guardian angel for that night. And in true “Gramma Ruth” tradition, I yet again learned that “God watches out for drunks and fools”…

Happy New Year 2015! May your guardian angel always be by your side.
Thank you for reading. I promise 2015 to continue to be a great “boy addict” year!


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