“Under 29, Over 50” tales from a boy addict on the net…


Happy Sunday.  As promised, I wanted to talk about how at age 43 and internet dating, I cannot help but notice that I get the most “hits” from boys under 29 and over 50.  Of course, since I have been accused of “thinking too much” and praised for being “introspective”, I must discuss why this occurs on the net…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the “under 29’s”!   They are so much fun.  It is ALWAYS very complimentary for a woman my age to get “hit on” by these young boys.  After all, reminds me that “I still got it”.  But I cannot even “go there” despite the fact that many tell me I should.  I think my  biggest fear is that their mothers could be my age or younger!  I have often told these young ones that “I’m sorry, I feel I am old enough to be your mother”.  I just feel that when they are that young, what is there to talk about?  Intelligent conversation is a turn on for me, so I make the assumption that generational conversation with these young ones could never really go anywhere.  I do recognize that I could be wrong.  I was out New Years Eve with a 47-year-old single gal and we both grabbed onto a 22 year old’s arms – she took one arm and I took the other.  Boy did those arms feel good!  She thought so too.  And he loved the attention.  Until we noticed at the end of the night he could have cared less for us when he had a pretty “20 something” dancing up on him…He was right where he belonged…


Then there are the “over 50’s” – God bless them.  Many I meet have the looks and attitude of 39 year olds.  I am open to dating these boys.  They still “got it” and I like it because in addition to their young energy, they have life wisdom, so we can have great conversations.  HOWEVER, it is one thing to be 51 or even 53.  Over 55, I start to encounter that “generational” what do we talk about problem yet again.  Then there was the guy who flat-out LIED!  Telling me he was 51 and when we met for coffee he wanted to brag about his mailing address being Scarsdale.  So he pulled out his driver’s license to “show me”, but I could have cared less when I glanced over his address and saw his birth year of 1944!  OMG – my Dad was born in 1941!!!!!  REALLY??????  I knew he was older than me by his looks, but REALLY??????  God bless his gumption!!!!


So to summarize why these 2 age categories of boys “go for me” I can only assume it is because they are boys.  Young ones want to feel “studly” by catching the mature woman and older ones want to feel “studly” by walking around with the younger chick on their arm.  Or as Cher’s mother says in the film “Moonstruck” – “they are afraid of dying”!  LOL  Once again, it’s all about stroking the “boy ego”…OH MAN – WHERE FOR ART THOU?

And why do very few boys in my age category choose me?  They want 10 years younger I am to assume….


Thanks for reading.



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