Internet dating “pet peeves” from a boy addict…



Another Sunday and another fun internet dating topic from a recovering boy addict.  I was talking with a friend who is also internet dating and we were discussing our “pet peeves”.  If you are internet dating, you know what I’m talking about.  The “stuff” that boys put in their profiles and write to me in e-mails or texts that makes my “skin crawl”.  Perhaps these unelightened boys have no idea how fast they are turning me off. Here are a few of my “pet peeves”.

“Pet Peeve” #1:  I hate when he calls me honey, sweetie, babe, doll. I never respond to these boys.  Once again, I say to myself that I am engaging with strangers.  I am no one’s cutie, honey, or baby unless or until I welcome such familiarity. Mostly, I find it to be very disrespectful and demeaning and I seriously doubt a man would address me in this way until he was pretty certain I was comfortable with him.

#2:  A boy’s profile picture – standing in front of a mirror holding up his cell phone, taking his “selfie”, while looking in the mirror.  I see this so often.  All it says to me when I see this kind of picture is “stranger danger”.  “Boy, don’t you have a friend who can take a nice photo of you for your profile picture?”  Are you really that much of a loner?  Get out and take a long hike on a mountain some place and have someone snap a nice photo of you.  There is a whole wide world out there beyond your bathroom mirror!  Real men know this and experience this.

#3 – Why do boys say “I’m looking for a nice lady” – once again, in my mind I’m not a “lady”, I’m a woman.  I understand you may be reading this thinking “why are you so picky Leslie” – well I say back to you “why not?”.  I’m looking for a nice man – not a “nice guy” or a “nice stud” or a “nice boy”.  I am a woman.   The whole package.  Worthy of respect. To me “lady” is degrading and a turn off.

#4 and my favorite “peeve”: do not proposition me for sex, do not tell me to come to your  home on a first meet up, do not tell me what a great  lover you are in a first e-mail to me.  Are you kidding me?  There are girls for you on the net I’m most certain, but did you read my profile?  Clearly we are not a match!

So I wait and pray and run.  And I’m learning that while I do this I’m really enjoying my terrific life.  And BONUS!  You are reading.  Bless you.


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