“I have a friend for you”…More Tales From a Boy Addict



So those of you who are single ABSOLUTELY KNOW  the phrase “I have a friend for you”.  Heck, even if you are married, you most certainly remember this phrase when you were in your younger “single days”.  For a boy addict such as myself,  you hear these words and you start to fantasize and for me I think I may even salivate.  You think to yourself “finally Mr. Prince Charming is coming on his white horse to save me and ride me off into the sunset”…

I’m here today at age 43 and climbing to say that the hard reality is that more often than not, the quest for “my man” has not worked in this manner.  Never a “white horse” ride for sure.  I remember, the desire to “fix me up” happened a ton more in my 20’s.  Some of these “set ups” back then were really nice and cute and eligible, but never worked out.  I remember this one cutie who I was crushing on, I found out years late wound up with a middle age woman!  Go figure…

So now that I am middle age, I have found the phrase “I have a friend for you” to be almost non-existent.  And when I do hear it, it most certainly never pans out.  What I assume is that if there is a 40 something boy out there, happy to be single and having never pursued his dream woman, chances are he is happy to be single!  God bless him.  What I think of in these boys if they do take me out is “time wasters”.  They like a “pretty blonde” (if I do say so myself) on their arm to show to the world that they can “pair up”, but they truly don’t want a committed relationship.  As a “boy addict”, I have WASTED SO MUCH TIME with these kind of boys.  But since I am a people person, I love meeting interesting people and doing fun things and I need to remind myself THIS IS DATING!  Come on Leslie, when are you going to GET OUT OF THE FANTASY.

Could a man simply be my fantasy?  Quite possibly.  But it is so fun to write about and certainly you enjoy reading.  And I must give a shout out to all my friends who care so very much about me and who keep me going.  I had a very tough week and the love I receive makes me cry tears of joy all the time.  And I always say (and it is so true) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

God and the Universe are so very good…


3 thoughts on ““I have a friend for you”…More Tales From a Boy Addict

  1. I think we are just tired. Tired of dating.
    Tired of seeking, wishing, hoping. And even more tired of the people (who don’t get it) telling us to stop looking because “it will happen when we least expect it / stop looking / become happy with ourselves / or any other derivative” crap. Maybe its time for a road trip to visit another addict and provide inspiration in person. Lol. It will get you cured of the cabin fever and who knows, maybe you can meet the president! Hahah

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