He took my $20…tales of an old school date


20 bill cropped 1

Happy Sunday.  Time to go “old school” and reflect back to my 20’s and tell a fun dating story.  I was a young gal, only 24 years of age.  There were no cell phones or internet dating sites, so dating for this young chick meant meeting boys in bars.  My friends and I were in the City doing just that one Friday night.  The night I met him, I had drunk way too much, so my memory of him was not very clear.  Apparently, I gave him my phone number and he called by Sunday night to ask me out on a date.

He sounded nice enough on the phone and since he had no car, he was willing to take Metro North up from the City.  I picked him up in my Civic (a daring move since today when I date I never get in a stranger’s car nor allow them to get into my car).  I knew pretty quickly he wasn’t someone I really wanted to be on a date with.  I think his “pleather jacket” with the fake fur collar was an instant turn off for me.  But, he went out of his way to come to Westchester County, so off we went to my favorite dating spot back in my “pre-cell phone” days.

It was a popular chain restaurant that happened to have a pay phone in the ladies bathroom, so if I needed an emergency “friend rescue” I could have easy access to a phone.  In fact my girlfriends all picked this particular place for the same reason.  Being that this was the early 90’s, $20 was easily $50 by today’s standards.  And I had a “rule” back then that if I didn’t like the boy, I wasn’t going to let him pay for my dinner.  Since I wasn’t having a good time (I found his chatter to be really annoying over dinner, and my memory was that he spit when he spoke), I ordered an inexpensive pasta and a glass of water.  He in turn ordered 2 scotch and waters, steak and shrimp, and a desert!  I just wanted the date to be over and when the bill came I knew the max I had spent was $10.  I specifically handed him my $20 stating, “this is all I have, I have no smaller bills” thinking he would either reject me giving him any money at all or at the very least return a $10 to me.

His response amazed me.  He stated “thank you, that will do” and took my entire $20 and tucked it neatly into his wallet.  And that was that.  Needless to say, I couldn’t drive him back to his return to the city Metro North train fast enough.

I did have a fun p.s. to this story.  About 6 months later a popular NY radio station announced that if you had a fun dating story to tell the listeners please call in and tell it.  So I called and got onto the air.  When I told the DJ my story, he ended my tale with “and Michael from NY City, please give Leslie her $20 back you cheap bastard!”  I still have that recording tucked away in my closet on an old cassette.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you are enjoying.


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