The boy who got away…


Happy Sunday.  I recently reconnected with a “boy who got away”.  I was 23, met him in a bar in Hoboken, and he was very kind.  He was so sweet, that he let me and my 3 girlfriends stay in his apartment in Los Angeles, California during our journey to the West Coast.  We did the coastal drive and saw much of this gorgeous state.  It was an adventure for 4 young girls.

We were not the best guests.  We were all about partying and being selfish.  He took great care of us.  He took us out on his friend’s sailboat.  He and his friends spent a lot of money on this boat to have it an entire day.  Sadly, 3 out of the 4 of us got violently ill from seasickness as the ocean was rough that day.  We were so ill that we insisted his friend turn that boat around and bring us back to land.  They lost out on that day!  His friend picked us up that night in his “California convertible” and took us on a drive down the “Sunset Strip”.  They took us to a very fun and cool LA dance club.   It was exciting.  This year, on March 15th, I’m looking forward to running the LA Marathon down that same strip.

I, in turn, invited this boy to stay in my NY apartment and I offered to give him and his friends a “NY City” tour.  We had a blast.  I took him skiing upstate and got my first speeding ticket with him!  I took him to some very cool places in the City with his friend and my friends.  We had a blast!

So here is the “kicker”.  Nothing ever happened romantically with this boy.  I made sure of this.  He was way too nice and way too good for me.  I was (and am today) addicted to bad boys!  So after all these years, he found me on LinkedIn and called me to say “hello”.  Surprise, surprise – HE IS A MAN!  He got his degrees from high-end schools.  He is the CEO of a company.  He is a terrific husband and father.  I’m so very proud of him.  And so kicking myself for being an “addict”.

But yet again, this is MY journey.  It is what it is.  I’m single and happy being single.  For today.  Oh man, oh man – where for art thou?

Thank you for reading.


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