Men in my life who teach me to wait for “my man”…



Happy Sunday.  This week, I am inspired by the men God has sent to me over the years who teach me about patience and the value of waiting for “my man”.  I have several “man friends” who have supported me in tremendous ways.  And they are very good men.  They are good husbands, good fathers and good friends.

One such example, is a dear friend of mine who I met in my 20’s at a job.  His unconditional support of my running and my blogging and all my “crazy ventures” is hard to describe.  Right before my “Vagina Monologues” show, I opened a card in the mail from him with a donation for “Hope’s Door” – the charity protecting victims of domestic violence.  The proceeds from our show went directly to this organization.    His card made my Valentine’s Day.  He has surprised me in this manner for years.  With random acts of kindness affirming me and helping raise my self-esteem.

Another example, is a best “man” friend who was always there for me in my twenties when I needed help moving or needed a “male date” for a wedding, or I simply needed that “male perspective on dating advice.  He never missed an opportunity to send me a card with a hysterical poem for my birthdays!  Not only was he so good to me, but he was so kind to my best friends. We are all still good friends today.  He has gone on to be a hugely successful professional, husband and father.  I ADORE his wife and his daughters.  They all came to my San Francisco marathon and cheered for me!

Finally, my most “prized man” example is my father.  My best “man” friend and “rock”.  I cannot even begin to share all the times he unconditionally was there for me in every way possible.  He is also so very good to my mother and I suspect through my dating “nightmares” my mother appreciates him even more.  They are approaching 50 years of marriage next year!  Something I will certainly NEVER see in my lifetime.

I write this blog in a manner in which my Dad would approve.  (even though he swears he never reads this).  He did admit to  me he shared my blog with a woman at his gym going through a divorce!   So perhaps he may be reading this.  I pray he does because he needs to know he sets the bar very high for the male gender and in my world he sets the “standard” for what makes a man…HONEST, LOYAL, DEDICATED, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, you name it.  That is my Dad – I can only pray to reflect these values and one day find this in “my man”.

Thank you for reading.


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