Dating advice from my nephews…



Greetings from 70 and sunny California.   Every time I’m here, I wonder why I don’t live here.   It is a delightful place both environmentally and socially.   Besides warm sun and palm trees, the people are so very friendly.   You can actually step out in front of an automobile and not get hit.   Instead, a courteous driver will smile and wave you on.   In addition, I get to spend special time (what I consider sacred) with my gorgeous, incredibly intelligent nephews (if I do say so myself).   After all, I am their “Cool Aunt Leslie”, but after our talk this morning on our routine breakfast donut shop hike, I dare say they just might be cooler than me…

It began with my younger nephew, age 10, discussing his
“crush” with a young girl in his gymnastics class.   He strictly admires her from afar, not engaging her in conversation.  Per his 13 year old brother, he is simply too young.  The 10 year old then decided to advise me saying “Aunt Leslie, my teacher once said if a boy approaches you in a bar to buy you a drink say “no” because it means he only wants one thing.”  I chuckled some and thanked him saying that I agreed.    (I chuckled to myself thinking this is exactly how I met my ex-husband, but refrained from saying this to the boys.)

Next, the 13 year old piped up to explain that dating is distraction while kids are in school.   Basically, he went on to say it takes up too much time and effort and can get in the way of focusing on your future.  He even added that. in high school there is pressure to have sex if you date.  He explained that this can lead to a lot of troubles giving the example of unwanted pregnancy.   I agreed with him completely, adding that couples in high school can choose to not have sex, and he agreed but thought it may be difficult.  His wisdom amazes me and his candor.  I am very honored he feels so comfortable talking with me.  His younger brother too.   Sadly, I only get to see them about once a year, give or take, making these conversations even more special.

We went onto to talk about self-love and self-esteem.  Aunt Leslie reminded them that it is always important to work on your own self improvements before you are ready to meet that special someone.  She encouraged them to find  their passion and focus on this (like I do with my running).  I added that “you are the only one who can save your life” at which point, the 10 year old exclaimed “God can save you Aunt Leslie”.   Nothing left to say with that but “AMEN!”

How is that for “nephew wisdom”… These boys are quickly approaching ” manhood.  I am SO PROUD of them.  

Thank you for reading.


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