Fitness first…



 Happy Sunday.  There is no better way to combat “boy addiction” from my perspective than by engaging in a form of fitness you are passionate about.  I recently had a woman from my Dad’s church, who is a reader of my blog, tell me a great story and inspire me for this week’s blog.  

Her story, like mine, relates to how her passion for fitness helped make her into a stronger woman who would not take “nonsense” from a boy.

She told me she developed a love for karate.  And karate made her stronger.  She had come out of a bad marriage and learned the skills of strength and self- love.  As women, this to me is invaluable.  She shared a story of when she was on a date during her single years after her divorce, she had a boy try to “grope” her inappropriately while riding in a car with him.  She told him she was prepared to use her karate move and use her palm to slam his chin and made him pull over the car and call a taxi to pick her up.  He quickly accommodated her request. 

 I was so pleased she shared her story with me for many reasons.  First, she explained her blog to her husband who was with her when she told me her story.  She told her husband my blog helped women to feel empowered.  I was happy to hear her impression because that is exactly the point of my blog. (along with explaining how dangerous boy addiction can be)  Second, she felt inspired to share honestly with me her crazy dating story.  Honest communication with another person is what truly is healing in my opinion.  So very happy my blog is inspiring people to do just that – to be honest.  Third, she pointed out that it was a fitness activity that makes her feel empowered.  This I understand COMPLETELY!

 It is my running that keeps me healthy and strong and feeling like I can do anything.  Heck, if I can run marathons, then I can certainly restrict my addiction to boys.  I can run away…

People keep asking me “Leslie, what are you running from.”  For me it is more about what I am “running to”…I’m running to self-esteem, self-love, strength, wisdom, health, honest friendship, nature… YOU NAME IT!  There is NOTHING wrong with finding your fitness passion.  The boys will always be there.  And if God so grants me a man may that be the utmost finish line along my journey… 

 And I already promised my Dad, man or no man, I will NEVER stop running.


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