Giving the good boy a chance…A funny internet dating story



Happy Sunday.  As promised, it is once again time to offer up a funny internet dating story.   I was chatting with a boy from off of a popular internet dating site.  He was wholesome looking, almost “nerdy”.  He reminded me of the boy who starred in the classic film “A Christmas Story”…you know, the “I’ll shoot your eye out” kid?  While having a phone conversation, I mentioned to him my friend lived in the same town he lived in.  We quickly discovered my friend was his neighbor!  In fact, she was single at the time and he had asked her out once during a snowstorm as he helped her shovel her driveway!

So needless to say, as soon as I got off the phone with him, I phoned my friend to get the story.  She said to me these very important words:  “Oh, Leslie, he’s a good guy (not my type), but I think you should give the good guy a chance”.  And so I did.

We had 2 very nice dates.  The first was coffee and the second was dinner and a comedy show.  He was doing well.  Conversation flowed and we seemed to enjoy each other’s company.  However, I wasn’t sure I could get past the “nerdy” appearance.  So I accepted date #3 to a lovely fancy restaurant for dinner along the Hudson River.  It was a nice dinner and once again good conversation.  After dinner, he suggested we go for a stroll along the river.  I accepted.

During the stroll, he stopped to smooch with me and while the kiss wasn’t awful, I simply didn’t feel the spark.  I planned to make this the last date (in my mind).  But right after the kiss, he said the dreaded words I NEVER EXPECTED:  “So Leslie, your place or mine”!  I took a deep breath and told him that we were only on a third date and I still needed more time to get to know him and to feel comfortable.  With that he said, “Well I hope you decide soon because I’m not going to wait too long”!  OMG!  I WAS SHOCKED!  This is giving the good boy a chance?

With that I simply asked him to take me home.  I think he realized he “messed up” because he seemed very uncomfortable on the car ride home.  I was extremely uncomfortable.  Now for the “Leslie is shameless” part of the story.   (but I promise honesty in my blog).  As we drove down my street in my town, I asked him to buy me a glass of wine at my local bar.  And he did!  And as we left this establishment, he asked if he could “walk me home” and I answered “no, you can drive me”.  I really think if I had walked with him, he intended to find his way into my apartment.  NO DICE NICE BOY.

I never saw him again.  My friend was shocked and chuckled and simply suggested he had “no game.”  I’m not sure I’m proud to say I did have “my game on” because I squeezed out one more free glass of wine from him.  Helped with the stress!


Not sure what the lesson is in this one, except perhaps beware of the nice boy ladies.  And gentleman, if you think you are getting the good girl back to her home after a third date,  think twice.  And bring extra cash for that night-cap!

Thanks for reading.


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