Don’t date a Momma’s Boy…


momma's boy

Happy Mother’s Day.  I have many great female friends who are amazing mothers and I would like to thank them for inspiring me to write this one today.  Through my relationships and dating over the years I have learned this simple rule I would like to share with you.  “Don’t Date the Momma’s Boy”.  Please allow me to enumerate my reasons:

1.  A Momma’s boy has a mother who does his laundry for him.  I once dated an MD who owned a lovely home.  I couldn’t help but notice, upon my visiting his home for the first time, that it was very sparsely furnished.  He had a bed and a few chairs and it truly did not appear lived in.  When he opened his bedroom closet, I couldn’t help but notice perfectly pressed pants (about 20) lined up neatly.  I asked if he goes to a dry cleaner and he responded, “No my mother does my laundry.”  All of a sudden, I understood that his place had limited furnishings because he spent much more time with his Momma.  His mother lived about an hour away from his home, but clearly her house was more comfortable for him than the one he was “camping out” in.   Needless to say, our relationship never progressed and I kept it moving.

2.  A Momma’s boy has a mother who handles his finances.  I once had a significant relationship in which his mother actually showed me how to pay his bills since she was moving away.  She told me he could never really manage his money on his own.  Boy, did I learn a very tough lesson being involved in a serious relationship with this boy.   As it turned out, I almost went bankrupt as a result of being in this relationship (say no more for now as I’m saving this story for my book).

3.  A Momma’s boy has a mother who thinks he is greater than God.  I would say most of the boys I spent time with have mothers who expect me to “worship” their sons.  The sad result for me is spending a whole lot of time with boys who see no error in their ways.  When I am with boys like this, I end up being the “sinner” and the one who is always wrong.  After all, if the boy is told by his mother he is perfect, how could he possibly do anything wrong?  Imagine me meeting a real man who sees the error in his own ways and might maybe even have the courage to go to therapy to look inward?  Oh, one can dream…

So I hope in reading this, if you are a mother you truly teach your boy to learn to be a man.  I know my “mom friends” are doing an amazing job at this.  Trust me, I know there are men out there.  A very happy Mother’s Day to my sisters who know how to raise great men!

And as always, thank you for reading.


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