Job dating…


 I am happy to report I have decided to leave a job relationship I have been in for over 16 years.  I am able to leave thanks to “job dating.”  I’ve been sharing this concept with many I speak to and decided that it is blog worthy.   I have been with the company I recently broke up with for so long.  It was turning into a  stale relationship and I badly needed couples counseling with my company, but my company didn’t feel the same way.  It was time to go.  But in order to go, I had to “job date.”  Finding my job is a very similar process to finding my man.  Ultimately it is ALWAYS up to God as he is my life driver, but I started doing the footwork with much support and encouragement from my family and my good friends.  Here are a few simple tips to begin “job dating.”

Update your resume.  This is your “job dating” profile, just like in on-line dating.  You must be sure your resume reflects the latest and the greatest accomplishments in your career.  If you have not polished up your resume recently, you will be surprised at what you can add to it and how you can tweak it to reflect the skills you possess to impress the job you are courting.   If you do not have a resume, then I say shame on you.   This is so very important.  Talk to people and get one going.  Look at other resumes and copy their format.  Resumes are basic and easy.  I have been known to happily edit many over the years (thank you Ithaca College Peer Career Counselor training back in 1992 – still a transferable skill I proudly possess).

Circulate that resume.  Looking at jobs on-line is the same as looking at those on-line dating pictures/profiles.  If you go onto those popular ” job dating” sites you will be surprised what is out there.  If you see one you like send a “wink.”   With on-line dating that is a flirt to say, “Hey I’m interested.”  With jobs posted on-line you can easily forward that resume you polished up.  Why not?  Nothing to lose.  If the picture looks good, may be worth an hour over coffee.

My “job dating” interviews strongly resemble my real world coffee dates.  They are simply meetings serving as self-esteem boosters and it is so good to talk about your skills and abilities with others.  This affirms who you are and that you are so very valuable.  Interviews are not as terrifying as you think.  For myself, having been a professional woman for over 20 years, I have much to talk about.  My interview “job dating” is about as much fun as my coffee-hour meet ups.  Dress up, put on that make up, do that hair, smile and impress!

I’m so happy to report after over a year of “job dating”, God has placed me into a new, exciting job relationship.  Will it be perfect?  Seriously doubt it as nothing is.  Is it perfect for me in my life for today?  A resounding “YES!”  Still seeking my man, but in terms of my job: “CHECK!”

Wherever you are in your life, always be open to the concepts of dating.  And as always, thank you for reading.


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