Living a Happy Life…


Happy Sunday to daters and non-daters.   As a single woman in my mid-forties struggling to live life on my terms, I finally am realizing a happy life means acceptance of others.  I shared last week I finally am off the Internet dating sites and dating a boy exclusively.   I am happy.   I am more relaxed.   I am not trying to make him be who I want him to be.

Today as I write I am getting ready to run the NYRR’s gay pride run.  It is all about acceptance.   People are who they are.  Most people are beautiful souls with imperfect lives.   This includes myself.   I truly never thought I’d be 44, unmarried, childless and a running fool!   But each day I live, I’m coming to a greater acceptance of me and who I am.   Perfectly imperfect!

I think as we live and grow older, we learn what is important in life.   Human connection is perhaps the most important simple pleasure we are all seeking.   I know I have learned this lesson over and over again in my work with older adults.   We are all on this earth to struggle through a journey while we live, learn, and love.  During our evolution we come to realize that nothing is perfect, but acceptance and love are free with so many around us ready to give.

I give this too.   In the act of giving love and acceptance, the happiness seems to come to me in abundance.   Either in the face of a friend, loved one or even a runner as we cross a finish line together.  I’m sorry if I sound “too sappy” or “pie eye in the sky”, but I truly believe I get back what I give out.   

So I’m moving forward in my life with a greater acceptance for a good, kind, loving boy.   And we are having fun, laughs and moments of joy.   Isn’t this what true happiness is all about?  Time will tell, but I know for today and everyday with a boy or without a boy, I’m choosing to be happy.   And boy does it does feel good!

Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Living a Happy Life…

  1. Wow! I miss a couple of weeks reading you and everything is different. And for the better. I seem to remember hearing about this guy and liking him. And I remember someone telling you that you shouldn’t have to work so hard at a relationship when it’s with a good guy. Sounds like you are experiencing the fun and ease of someone who accepts you just the way you are. Live in the moment and laugh together, often!

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