Living in a Material World…


Happy Sunday!  I’m coming off a “rich wedding high” today thinking about the great things that come from living with wealth.  I was a guest at an amazing wedding yesterday taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of true luxury.   Quite honestly, I have never experienced “rich” to this degree and I must say that no one in attendance could help but feel some degree of envy for living this way.

However, driving home and coming back to reality has me thinking about my life and what truly matters.  What comes to mind is that I have love.  So much of it that some times I feel as if I’m on “love overload” never being able to return as much love as I receive from those in my life.   And I can honestly say this means more than material things.

In terms of dating and relationships, money is very important.  But after many frightening experiences with boys and money mismanagement, I realize that it is more about self-care and not compromising my money management values.   This can be tough for me, as I am a care taker by nature, but believe firmly in self care first.

What I am most grateful for is a career in which I am able to take care of myself and plan for my future (and enjoy my life).  I no longer plan to sacrifice my sense of financial security for a boy.  And I do believe it is a man’s role to help a woman feel secure in a relationship in terms of money management.  I do not need a mansion, luxury vehicles, or trips around the world (although I would gladly go).  What I do need is to feel safe and secure with a boy/man.

Feelings of safety and security for me start with communication and trust.  All of this takes loads of time.   So for today, my job in life is to sit back, relax, and see if the boy slowly becomes the man.  This girl/woman needs to get back to her job and her running tomorrow.  Back to the real world.

But oh the fantasy is so much more fun…

Thank you for reading…


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