Dating is subjective…


Happy Sunday.   I was sitting on my good friend’s deck this past week lamenting over my struggles with what to write about now that I’m in a relationship.   I started to tell her about some funny dating stories.  Her immediate reaction was “be careful Leslie, as you might offend some readers”.   My friend is very kind hearted and always acknowledges the goodness in others.  This got me thinking that when I was dating what was a “dating don’t” for me may be an attractive quality to another.  This is what got me thinking to write my dating blog about the topic of dating is subjective.

First story:  I walked into my favorite coffee shop for my first date with a boy.  As soon as I greeted him I observed he was an older gentleman who seemed a bit too old for my match.  When  I looked down and saw his white sneakers with Velcro closures that sealed the “done” deal for me.  I truly couldn’t take my eyes off his feet.  I know this is TOTALLY superficial as a way to assess a date but all I could think of was that the elderly folks I work with wear those.   Call me superficial.   I admit.  The entire hour over coffee was spent with me staring down.   Just couldn’t get past his foot fashion choice for a first date.  Next!

Then there was a boy who met me right outside my car and exclaimed “Hi Leslie!  Do you want to meet my friend?”  Upon my responding yes, he walked me to his car’s backseat window and proceeded to point to a bright green blow up “alien doll” belted in.  He was very happy and proud of that green doll from another planet and he simply could not wait to show me.  I’m sure there is some “extra terrestrial digging chick” ready for this boy.  But a “next” for me.

Then there was a boy who brought a drink to me and within 5 minutes of meeting me had his hand on my knee talking about going back to his house.   Sadly the Internet breeds many of these boys and when they only look at my photos and do not read my profile, they are very disappointed.  I pushed his hand away and immediately asked him why he didn’t read my profile.   If he had read it he would have learned that I’m not looking to jump into bed with any boy.  I had clearly written that I was seeking a long term relationship and my profile was very clear.

So thanks for reading my dating stories.  Subjective as they appear to be, dating gets you to know me.  Makes me vulnerable and you too!  But dare to date.  And more importantly always assert who you are.  This is being subjective and proud of it!


3 thoughts on “Dating is subjective…

  1. Elena

    I had a date (obviously prior to my current boyfriend) who on date one, five minutes in told me he was “a Dom”… (As in the BDSM reference) This is someone I met through a friend, not internet. Seemed normal when i met him. And i was NOT looking for that. I actually laughed.

  2. Yes! Totally subjective. If I had balked at my friend’s white sox, ugly old sneakers and super long shorts, I’d have walked away from an important, loving figure in my life. But I understand what you’re saying about the Velcro shoes!

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