Boys can be 75 plus…


old man muscle cropped

Happy Sunday.  I have had some funny things happen these past few weeks leading me to blog about boys who are older than 75.  Yes, they are out there.  And God bless them.  I always think a big difference between males and females is the confidence that boys have at all ages that girls simply do not have when it comes to pursuing the opposite sex.

I was at a professional/social event with many older people.  When I approached an older gentleman, he explained to me he was age 76.  I found out later on that in fact his age is 86.  He had an amazing story of being a health care professional for over 40 years and met many famous and powerful people.  He was very engaging and interesting, so of course I enjoyed speaking with him.  What shocked me was after about a 30 minute conversation and me saying goodbye to him, I came home to find a message from him on my answering machine saying:  “Hi Leslie, this is your new friend calling.  I’m wondering when you are going to come to my home?”.  I realized that at this event I was wearing a name badge, so this clever 86-year-old got my last name and found my home number.  I am now unlisted.  I never called him back.

Another time, I was travelling for work when I decided to be brave and dine out alone.  I went to a very popular restaurant where all the seats were taken except one seat at the bar next to an older looking man.  After chatting with him awhile, I shared my business card thinking he knows many older people who might be interested in my work.  We kept chatting and he explained how he is age 76 and surviving a “loveless” marriage.  He also had his PhD and had been a high-ranking administrator at many prestigious universities, so needless to say our conversation was interesting.  He left before me and I was relieved.  I had been sure to tell him he reminded me of my father as he was giving me good “fatherly” advice about my career and about dating.  I was sure to tell him I had a boyfriend just to keep myself safe.

Well, the next morning there was a message on my work answering machine about how he couldn’t wait to see me again.  Then he wrote me an e-mail wanting to continue to see me (even though he lives far away from me).  He suggested we could safely “chat” on Facebook!  I explained very graciously that I shared my business card with him for professional reasons and not personal reasons and was sorry he got the “wrong idea” from our conversation.  He was nice enough to write back and explain he completely understood my feelings and wished me well.  PHEW!

The point of this blog is this:  Lonely comes in all ages, shapes and sizes.  It can be very sad.  But being alone is a choice that can be very empowering.  When I’m 76 or 86, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be very active and passionate about life whether I have a man or not.  I don’t imagine I will be “hitting on” 44-year-old boys, but one never knows…

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Boys can be 75 plus…

  1. littlelotte7

    Love this post! So true. I’m 24 and still figuring out the balance of being friendly and nice to older guys but not so much that they perceive it as a “come and get me” signal. A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend’s DAD started randomly messaging me on FB. I ignored it at first but it seemed harmless and innocent so I would talk to him occasionally. Then out of the blue he starts telling me he wants to do sexual stuff with me! I was horrified. Ew.

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