Being single in a couples world…


Happy Sunday!   The pressure in society is great to be a part of a “couple”.   I was on a date recently (not a match at ALL!) and he asked the notorious question:  “why is a girl like you single?”    He told me he needed to get me off the Internet so he could date me because a “girl like me” should not be on there.  He got me thinking about a “girl like me” and just what this means for me, so here goes.

1.  A girl like me is not a prize to be won at the fair.   This date told me twice how “hot” I am.   While compliments are nice, being told on a first date “how hot I am” several times makes me feel more like the hanging stuffed animal (you know the super big one you wanted to win) above the hanging balloons you were attempting to break with those blunt darts at the fair?     I think you understand the image I’m creating.   While Internet dating is a way to meet a possible man, there are a TON of boys on there who think I’m a prize needing to be won – WRONG!

2.  A girl like me is really getting better and better at choosing to be alone.   Over my years of Internet dating, I’ve learned being alone is a healthy choice.   My quality of life way surpasses the quality of life of the boys I meet.  I refuse to remain “coupled off” with a boy if he is not going to help make my life a little bit better.  I’m standing firm to this.   This makes it more than ok to be single!

3.  A girl like me has learned to cherish her inner strength and independence.   Many tell me that I have a great life – and I do!   Just because I’m not with another “boy half” doesn’t mean I have a disease that could limit my potential.  With a strong mind and body, I can hold down a great job, maintain a loving family and friends, and run marathons!  Not bad for a lonely middle aged single gal forever seeking her man.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would love to cross his path.  But until then I can be that girl happy in my single world!  Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Being single in a couples world…

  1. Martin Deppe


    If there are TONS of “boys” who think you are a “prize needing to be won” and the latest thinks you are very HOT, then you are mixed up with the wrong crowd. I believe there are many, maybe not tons, of men in this crazy world who are decent persons looking for a life’s mate. I have to assume that internet dating is appealing to “boys” as you call them, and not men. Please look somewhere else for a man.


    Uncle Martin

    Leslie’s quotation: “While Internet dating is a way to meet a possible man, there are a TON of boys on there who think I’m a prize needing to be won – WRONG!”

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