My Weakness is my Strength…


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Happy Sunday. The title of today’s blog is a concept I have been introduced to from several different sources over the years.  Since “weakness becomes strength” resonates so strongly for me and explains why I blog, I decided this would be a good topic of discussion for today.  Thank you for allowing me to explain.

My weakness is super crystal clear to me and something I often say to others.  I will quote what I say:  “In my life, I am excellent with my friends and family and even the amazing roommates (3 to date) I find on Craig’s List, but I’m awful in finding my man.”   Since I am a “great gal” and very outgoing with lots going for me this can often confuse folks trying to figure out why I am single.  I have even seen some of my readers downright angry at me making me feel as if I’m doing things purposefully to stay single and to not give others a chance.  Well, I’m here today to assert this is simply NOT TRUE.  I give everyone more than a chance.  Often too much of a chance to my detriment.  Why I blog about boy addiction because if I do not put myself first when I date I risk putting my sanity and my health in danger.

It can be very depressing not being able to meet my man.  Waiting is the hardest part, but I do believe it will happen one day.  So what does a gal like me do with my time besides run like a crazy fool?  I write.  I attempt to inspire and make others laugh.  I entertain.  I help others bring up their “dating memories” and/or identify with their “people addiction” tendencies.  So many of you tell me you hope I stay single because you enjoy reading my adventures and lessons.  To these folks, I thank you.

I recently heard a speaker who explained that her weakness became her strength and I had my “Oprah style ah-ha” moment.  I thought that my purpose in life is to share my story in a fun way and that me thinking being single in middle age is a “weakness” actually turns into my biggest “strength”.   After all, I do have good stories. Next time a boy on a date asks “why are you single”, I am simply going to answer “because this is my life purpose for today”.

I truly do not think this is forever, but for today this makes me who I am.   STRONG!  Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “My Weakness is my Strength…

  1. Elena

    Leslie I know you probably won’t listen to what about to say but hope you do. GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY! Quit dating and looking for a few months. Would you do this in a job searching? Start reading Law of Attraction stuff and living it. No matter what you are saying on your blog your inner dialogue regarding men is still coming from a place of lack. Whether its money, friendship jobs romance you can never achieve your goals worried or anxious because that is Lack consciousness. Clear your head and give your pursuit a rest while you focus on your positives and joy.

    • Ah but Elena – you read me and this is my joy! I beg to differ that I have lack consciousness. My purpose is being fulfilled as long as you keep reading…Thank you! I love my readers and the emotions I evoke! Great stuff. THANK YOU!

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