Even if He’s Hot, He Didn’t Buy Me a Cup of Coffee…



Happy Sunday and time for a dating story.  It was a basic “Leslie style” first date.  The plan was to meet at my favorite local coffee shop and have a cup.  He seemed very nice over some texting and we had a conversation on the phone that went well.  His picture on his internet dating profile looked good and he seemed excited to meet me.  He was also geographically desirable, living not too far away from me.

I did give him a bit of a “run around” on the Sunday before our date as we had planned to speak on the phone over some texts.  I took my time calling him, but texted him that I needed to call him later in the day.  He texted me back that he was fine with this plan.   By the time I called him that night, he didn’t answer and simply told me he had fallen asleep.  That was fine.  It happens easily with us middle-aged folks.

On the day of our date, he texted me that he was stuck in traffic.  I texted him back to alert me when he was 10 minutes away, assuming it would take me 10 minutes to drive to the coffee shop.  Well, since he didn’t have the most advanced cell phone technology (another sign of middle age) by the time he texted me he was 2 minutes away from the coffee shop.  His text got to me very slowly thanks to his slow phone.   Since I was running 5 minutes late already,  this made me about 15 minutes late.  So when I arrived he was sitting at an outdoor table drinking his cup of coffee.

He stood up to greet me, but immediately sat down.  I noticed right away he was what I would describe as “middle age hot”.  He had rather large upper body muscles and a very nice face.  Some tattoos showing in addition.  I stood talking to him for about a minute while he sat drinking his coffee and told me to “go inside and buy myself a cup of coffee”.  He never made a move to go in and buy my cup of coffee.  So in I went.

I stood in front of the counter thinking I should just walk right out and drive home.  He broke my “cardinal rule” of refusing to buy me a cup of coffee.  I was talking to myself, when all of a sudden my “sick” boy addict tendencies started making excuses for “hot boy”.  I was thinking:  “Leslie, on Sunday you took your time calling him” and “Leslie, you ran 15 minutes late to meet him”.  Why was I making excuses for him?  THIS IS WHAT A BOY ADDICT DOES WHEN THE BOY IS HOT.

So I went back out, drank coffee with him and had a mediocre chat with him.  Nothing earth shattering for sure.  I made a second date with him.  The day before our date, I began asking him over texts to call me to make the plan and guess what?  He was too busy to call me to make a plan.  He kept texting me that he would call me and he never did.   I basically got back to my “boy sober” senses and told him to forget a second date.  I woke up and realized this was a “full of himself hot boy” who was going to do nothing for me, but constantly think he was better than me. Once again, been there, done that.  NEXT!!!!!!

So no more making excuses for boys because of boy addiction.  Fortunately blogging helps me to remind myself of my bad behaviors. Hot boys can be very bad for me and my health!  THANK YOU for reading and for helping me keep myself real.  Be aware of your addictive tendencies when it comes to the opposite sex.  We “havn’t got time for the pain…”


4 thoughts on “Even if He’s Hot, He Didn’t Buy Me a Cup of Coffee…

  1. Elena

    Add this to your cardinal rules:
    1-If you have to remind a guy to make plans or confirm He’s not that interested. I

    2 If he’s too cheap or lazy to buy you coffee he’s not that interested or worth it.

    You know all this. If a guy is really interested, even if he’s playing it cool, like my guy did, THEY will confirm plans and let know ASAP they enjoyed meeting you.

    3-Cheapskates are a dealbreaker

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