Marathon season and dating…



Happy Sunday.  Many of my readers know this is marathon season for me yet again. Most would refer to this time of year as the fall, but for a crazy running fool like I, it is my marathon season.  In the next few weeks I will be attempting 2 full marathons of 26.2 miles should God permit my body yet again to cooperate.  I never take my runs for granted.  This being said, I do put in the hard work to feel fairly confident that I will complete my 17th and 18th full marathons.  What gives me this confidence you might ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  I run.  And when I am injured, I rest.  I try very hard to treat my body with the respect my body deserves.  I could not achieve the satisfaction of crossing the finish line without doing all of the “homework” involved to get there.

Dating to meet my man seems to be a similar process.  Many people, after hearing all of my crazy dating stories, wonder why I still date.  In thinking about this, it is for the same reason I still run.  I’m doing my “dating homework”.   I love the joy involved in dreaming of crossing the finish line.  The good news with marathon training is that I have had the pure exhilaration of crossing that finish line 16 times so far.  The news with dating is that I have not crossed my finish line yet.  But I am not sad.  I am optimistic.

Dating, like running, takes a lot of work and endurance.  It is so much effort that I have cut back significantly from when I began. I probably go on 1-2 dates a month compared to 1-2 a week (pure exhaustion).  I keep my dates very simple and do not put too much heart or effort into them.  I decided my goal on dates is to be 100% myself and to be patient.  Jut like running, I listen to my body and rest when I need to rest.   I trust the Universe to the extent that God is always providing me exactly what I need to be happy in my life.

Marathons have taught me that hard work and self-care reap great rewards.  They force me to put myself first and to take great care of myself.  What can lead to a happier life than this I ask?  So my advice to my readers this Sunday is to consider always putting yourself first, focus on good health and taking good care of your body and soul.  Next comes being good to those souls who love you unconditionally, just because you are you.  These are the people who are worthy of your undivided love and attention.   These folks will give you the strength to do good deeds for the rest of the world so greatly in need.  My ultimate goal would be for my man to join in alongside me in my process.  I do believe my “true soul mate” is out there putting in the same hard work as I to lead us to each other.

Until then, I marathon!  Thank you for reading.


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