Dating is not black or white…leave room for gray


black and white

Happy Marathon Sunday!  Today I took 26.2 in Yonkers despite the cold and hills.  I am always so grateful to having completed this task.  I never take for granted my body’s willingness to cooperate and the good friends who run along side of me.  Especially my amazing Rose.  I must admit I’m very tired tonight and plan to keep this brief.  A friend recently accused me of sometimes being too wordy in my blog, so here goes…

Just like everything in life, if you are dating do not view others in black and white.  Leave room for gray.  You see, I have met some great boys in my dating who became special to me.  They have had some very endearing qualities.  I have met great fathers.  That is always a very attractive quality for me.  Since I have never had my own children I really respect good parents.  Some of the fathers I have dated are truly amazing and receive the utmost unconditional love from their children.  I can NEVER fault a boy for this.

I have met some really great family members.  It is heartwarming to be dating a boy who has a great family who treats me well.  Several of my ex’s have family members continue to love me unconditionally.  Perhaps they send me an annual “happy birthday” message or send a note of love on Facebook.  Some enjoy reading me.  Bless you.  It is all appreciated.

I have had some really great times with the boys I have dated.  Whether it be I’m taken out on a terrific date or wedding or a fun day at the beach, these are times I can truly say I will never regret.  What becomes hard in these situations is coming to my own conclusion that while there are many things I like about the boy, they simply do not fit my “bill” for the man I am seeking.  Leaving these boys can be very painful.  I am fortunate a few of them are ok with “texting friendships” and keeping connected because, after all, we have developed friendships based in admiration and respect.  All great stuff.

So this being said, keep an open mind to keeping your dating “gray”.  A boy can fit into your life well, even if he is not your man.  Be clear who your man will be and hold firm to this.  And be honest and direct when letting boys down.  This is your life and your choices and your happiness.  VERY IMPORTANT and I truly believe my man is worth the wait.  “Soul mate” in the form of my man is a very tall order after all…

Thank you for reading.


One thought on “Dating is not black or white…leave room for gray

  1. Tell your “friend” who said that you are too wordy to read beginner children’s books as there are very few words per page!! However they will still have to take time out of their busy schedule to actually think and use their brain because children’s books give messages!!! Gosh Leslie if an actual “friend” did say that then maybe you ought to rethink the “friendship” – what lack of support is that and also that is NOT constructive criticism!! Keep them words a’comin!!

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